Deaths at Holy Trinity.

From 1740 to 1796.


John son of Phillip and Mary CRIBB buried 01-Mar 1740 [Holy Trinity]

Mr. William CRIBB Alderman, buried 07-Jan 1752 [Holy Trinity]

James son of Thomas and Anne CRIBB Stowboroiugh buried 23-Nov 1752 [Holy Trinity]

Martha wife of Nowel CRIBB senior Stowborough buried 26-Oct 1757 [Holy Trinity]

William son of Robert and Sarah CRIBB buried 30-Apr 1758 [Holy Trinity]

Martha daughter of Nowel and Mary CRIBB buried 16-Jul 1759 [Holy Trinity]

Elizabeth CRIBB widow alms women buried 01-Mar 1760 [Holy Trinity]

Thomas CRIBB Stowborough buried 10-Nov 1761 [Holy Trinity]

Anne daughter of Mr William (junior) CRIBB and Johanna buried 11-Oct 1762 [Holy Trinity]

Francis CRIBB Stowborough buried 03-May 1763 [Holy Trinity]

Ann Mary daughter of Mr William andJohanna CRIBB buried 05-May 1763 [Holy Trinity]

Anthony son of Francis and Jane CRIBB buried 17-May 1763 [Holy Trinity]

Edward son of Nowel and Betty CRIBB buried 21-Oct 1763 [Holy Trinity]

Anne CRIBB widow buried 22-Jan 1764 [Holy Trinity]

John CRIBB Stowborough buried 06-Apr 1766 [Holy Trinity]

Mary wife of Nowel junior CRIBB buried 21-Aug 1766 [Holy Trinity]

Mary daughter of Mr William and Frances CRIBB buried 30-Jun 1767 [Holy Trinity]

Mr Robert CRIBB buried 28-Jan 1768 [Holy Trinity]

Sarah CRIBB widow buried 08-Mar 1770 [Holy Trinity]

Jane wife of Newel CRIBB junior buried 28-Dec 1770 [Holy Trinity]

William CRIBB buried 17-Jan 1776 [Holy Trinity]

Noel CRIBB buried 06-Apr 1779 [Holy Trinity]

George CRIBB buried 10-May 1779 [Holy Trinity]

Phillip CRIBB buried 26-Mar 1780 [Holy Trinity]

Elizabeth CRIBB buried 13-Apr 1780 [Holy Trinity]

Ruth wife of William CRIBB buried 06-Jan 1796 [Holy Trinity]