Prerogative Court of Canterbury


This list of wills is taken from the ‘Prerogative Court of Canterbury.’


The full text of the will can be obtained Online from the ‘Public Records Office’.





Thomas Cribb

Fivehead, Somerset

21 July 1641

Solomon Cribb

Mariner of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey

21 Feb 1684

Samuel Cribb

Miller of Charminister, Dorset

23 Sept 1743

William Cribb

Baker of Wareham, Dorset

04 May 1752

Daniel Cribb

Gentleman of St. George, Gloucestershire

27 Sept 1790

William Cribb

Surgeon of St. George, Bloomsbury

14 June 1798

Thomas Cribb

Landsman of His Majesty’s Ship, Belliqueux

16 July 1802

Joanna Cribb

Widow of Holborn, St. Giles, Middlesex

9 August 1804

Samuel Cribb

Picture Frame Maker of St. James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex

12 Sept 1820

Robert Cribb

Carver and Gilder of High Holborn, Middlesex

12 Dec 1827

Thomas Cribb

Long Ashton, Somerset

29 March 1830

William Cribb


8 Feb 1838

William Cribb

Watchmaker of Southampton Row, Middlesex

27 Dec 1839

Temperance Cribb

Widow of King Street Cowent Garden, Middlesex

2 July 1840

Mary Cribb

Widow of Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire

19 Aug 1841

Robert Cribb

Gentleman of Kingsbury, Middlesex

10 Nov 1843

John Jennings Cribb

Tanner of Great Dunmow, Essex

19 May 1847

Daniel Cribb

Coal and Wood Dealer of St. James, Middlesex

21 May 1847

Thomas Cribb

Baker of Woolwich, Kent

8 June 1848

William Wright Cribb

Surgeon of Fugglestone St. Peter, Wiltshire

21 July 1853

William Cribb

Labourer of Alverstoke, Hampshire

19 May 1857




Abridged transcript of entries from the Probate office in Holborn, London.

For the years 1859 to 2000.



Mary Cribb— of Drayton in Somerset. Died 24-08-1858. £50. To George Cribb (son). 



Sarah Cribb—spinster. Late of Savile Street, St. Marylebone.  Middlesex.

Died 11-02-1845. £200.



William Rhodes Cribb. Late of Musquito Cove Estate. Parish of Hanover in the County of Cornwall. Jamaica.

Died 13-08-1843.  £3000.



Daniel Cribb—Coal Dealer of Brewer Street, Golden Square in the Parish of St. James. Middlesex. Died 6-04-1862. £800.


Joseph Cribb—Mariner of Ramsgate. Kent. Died 24-05-1862. To Mercy Cribb widow.


Elizabeth Cribb of Norfolk Street, Rye Lane Peckham, Surrey.

Died 24-05-1853. To William Cribb.  £450. [ See also William Cribb 1866]


Francis Cribb of Thomas Place, Waterloo Road, Lambeth, Surrey.

Died 17-12-1836. To Catherine Cribb. Of Gibson Street, Lambeth. Widow.  £200.



Robert Cribb. See reference to William Rhodes Cribb 1860.



Margaret Sarah Cribb [formally, Powell] of 38. Soho Square, Middlesex.

Died 31-01-1859. To son Arthur Cribb.  £50. [ See also Arthur Cribb 1897]






William Cribb—Beer Retailer, of the Norfolk Arms, Norfolk Street,

Rye Lane, Peckham, Surrey. Died 16-05-1863. To son William Cribb.

£300. [ See also Elizabeth Cribb 1862]



Charles Cribb—Gentleman of 34, King Street, Covent Garden, Middlesex.

Died 10-01-1867.[46]  £3000. To William Cribb, father.  [ See also William Cribb 1871 ]










William Cribb—Gentleman of 34, King Street, Covent Garden, Middlesex.

Died 12-11-1870.[79]  £5000. [ See also Charles Cribb 1867 ]



Edward Cribb—Building Contractor of Neath, Glamorgan, Wales.

Died 24-03-1872.[62]  £800. To Margaret Cribb.


Edwin Thomas Cribb—Gentleman of 126 Malpas Road, New Cross, Kent.

Late of 54, New Street, Mile End, Middlesex.  Died 13-07-1872.[54]  £300.


Eliza Cribb—Spinster of 4, Hamilton terrace, St. John’s Wood, Middlesex.

Died 31-05-1872.[34] £1000.  To Mary Ann Cribb, mother.






Ann Cribb—Widow of ‘Goat in Boot’ public house, Fulham, Chelsea,

Middlesex. Died 10-12-1874.[74]  £2000. To Charles James and Robert

Letford Cribb, son’s



Caroline Cribb— 4, Camden Park, Camden, Middlesex. Died 2-12-1874 [61]. £300.


William Eardley Cribb—146, Southampton Row, Middlesex. Watchmaker. Died 9-03-1875[60].

To Mary Ann and Arthur Cribb. £500.



Edward Cribb—Neath Glamorgan. Sculptor. Died 13-01-1876[40]. To Elizabeth Cribb widow. £100.


Mary Ann Cribb—6, Felbrigg Villas, Ealing, Middlesex. Died 26-02-1876[60]. To Charles Hinchley

Brother. £1500.


Isabella Cribbin—Church Road, Waterloo, Liverpool. Died 10-03-1876[68]. £450.



Thomas James Cribb—Crown and Sceptre, Streatham Hill, Surrey. Licensed Victuallar.

Died 15-07-1877[59]. £8000. To Thomas John Cribb and Emily Jane Cribb.


George Cribb—City of Salisbury, Marlborough, Wiltshire. Inn Keeper. Died 25-10-1877[70]. To

Elizabeth Cribb. £600.



William White Cribb—West Cowes, Isle of Wight, Shoemaker. Died 26-02-1878[64]. To Emma

Cribb widow. £50.



Elizabeth Cribb—Neath, Glamorgan, widow. Died 22-01-1878[40]. To John Bevin Davies, brother.



Mary Cribley—18, Miles Road, Clifton, Bristol. Died 6-03-1879[37]. To Sarah Cribley, sister.




Jane Cribb—Neath, Glamorgan. Died 1-04-1880[45]. To William Cribb, Grocer, husband. £100.



Thomas Cribber—New Road, Blakeney, Gloucestershire. Grocer and Draper. Died 14-01-1881

[59]. To Charles Cribber, son. £200.








John Hatfield Cribb—Lymington, Southampton. Master Mariner. Died 6-04-1884[74].

To Frances Cribb, widow. £69. [ See also Frances Cribb 1888].



Maria Anne Cribb—Waterloo Place, Leatherhead, Surrey. Died 20-09-1884[51].

To Charles Cribb, husband. £150.


Charles Cribb—Castle, Wookey, Somerset.  Yeoman. Died 21-12-1883[75]. To Louisa Cribb,

Widow. £7.






Charles James Cribb—10, Croydon Grove, Surrey, writer custom house City of London.

Died 8-12-1886[56]. £166. To Kate Eliza Cribb sister.


John Cribb—Kingsclere, County of Southampton. Died 29-11-1885[74]. £4116 1s 8d.

To Elizabeth Wallis Cribb daughter.



Henry Cribb—Taring Cross, Worthing, Sussex. Grocer. Died 25-05-1887[53]. £82.

To Louisa Cribb widow.


Ann Jane Cribbin— 19, Platt St., Pancras Road, Middlesex. Spinster. Died 15-01-1887[72].

£48 10s.



Frances Cribb—Lymington, Southampton. Widow. Died 1-09-1888[70]. £460 10s.

To Henry Hatfield Cribb son. [ See also John Hatfield Cribb 1884]



Susannah Cribb—Raydon Farm, Dagenham, Essex. Died 14-10-1888[85]. £528 10s.


William Cribb—1, Wilton Villas, Codrington Road, Ramsgate, Kent. Died 28-11-1887[75].

£693 10s 2d. To Elizabeth Cribb widow. [ See also Elizabeth Cribb 1889]



Elizabeth Cribb—1, Wilton Villas, Codrington Road, Ramsgate, Kent. Died 4-09-1889[82].

£492 14s 2d. To Eliza Cribb daughter. [ See also William Cribb 1888]






Emily Jane Cribb—’Marlow’ Lewin Road. Streatham. Surrey. Died 28-03-1891[43]. £2410 3s.

To Jessie Spear sister.


Henry Cribb—Bishop Stortford. Hertfordshire. Surgeon. Died 14-12-1890[50]. £3032 19s.

To Edith Mary Cribb widow.


Henry Cribb—Emsworth, Southampton. Dairyman and Brick Merchant. Died 3-03-1891[48].

£164 5s 4d. To John Arthur Cribb mariner.


John Cribbes—Ivy Cottage, Bury, St. Edmonds, Middlesex. Died 17-01-1891[52].

£95 15s 8d. To Annie Cribb widow.






Arthur John Cribb—8, Highbury Place, Islington, Middlesex. M.D. Died 31-03-1893[58].

£5249 4s 5d. To Emma Rosser Cribb widow.


Parnel CribbinBrunswick Place, Waterloo, Lancashire. Spinster. Died 19-04-1893[84].

£47 2s 10d.



George Cribb—14, Lee Street, Plumstead, Kent. Government pensioner. Died 8-01-1894[76].

£99 4s.



Frank Cribb—41, Holdenhurst, Bournemouth. Died 8-02-1895[40]. £1641 8s 4d. To Thomas

John Cribb, gentleman, brother.


James Cribb—Emsworth, Hampshire. Oyster Merchant. Died 3-05-1895[69]. £44. To Caroline

Cribb widow.



Louisa Cribb—61, Moore Park Road, Fulham, Middlesex. Died 18-01-1896[48]. £51. To George

Cribb, Boot maker, husband.



Arthur Cribb—38, Soho Square, Middlesex. Upholder. Died 6-02-1897[84]. £3533 12s 5d. To

Charles Luson Cribb and Cecil Howard Cribb. [ See also Margaret Cribb 1864]


Bessie Sarah Cribb—Goldstone Villas, Hove, Brighton. Spinster. Died 13-08-1897[23]. £175 8s.

To Henry Cribb Grocers porter.


Elizabeth Cribb—Marlborough, Wiltshire. Died 11-12-1897[77]. £13 7s.


John Cribb—Wookey, Somerset. Labourer. Died 20-01-1897[76]. £30. To Stephen Cribb.


Margaret CribbinWaterloo Park, Waterloo, Lancashire. Spinster. Died 26-12-1896[92].

£68 19s 10d.






Mary Ann Cribb—Hamilton Terrace, St. John’s Wood, Middlesex. Widow. Died 26-11-1899[89].

£ 9458 7s 6d.


William Cribb—Crispin Hall, Street, Somerset. Club caretaker. Died 8-08-1899[53]. £138 14s.

To Sarah Ann Cribb, widow.



Caroline Emma Cribb—’The Bell’ Square, Hardway,  Alverstoke, Hants. Widow.

Died 18-01-1900[79]. £1020 12s. To William Cribb, ships joiner.


John Cribb—107, Nelson Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Died 16-08-1900[71]. £2679 11s 8d.

To Mary Cribb widow.



Henry John Cribb—12, Edward Street, Mountain Ash, Glamorganshire. Colliery tipper.

Died 9-03-1901[26]. £132 7s 10d. To Ann Cribb widow.


Mary Cribb—19, Parkview Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Died 10-10-1901[73]. £836 19s 1d.


Thomas John Cribb—’Brockenhurst’ Maldon Road, Wallington, Surrey. Licensed victualler ‘Hand and Flower’ pub.

Died 17-08-1901[55]. £15745 13s. To Jane Cribb  widow.


Mary Cribber—New Road, Blackney, Gloucestershire. Spinster. Died 23-04-1901[35]. £204.

To Fanny Cribber.



Anne Cribb—Panton Street, Cambridge. Spinster. Died 7-01-1902[86]. £3852 15s 9d. To Henry Humphreys Cribb.


Joseph John Cribb—29,  Hemans Street, Bootle, Lancashire. Died 8-10-1902[63]. £502 14s 9d.

To Charles Cribb, coal merchant.


George Cribbes— ‘Radnor’, Chancery Lane, Middlesex. Died 17-05-1902[32]. £597 16s 7d.

To Louis Agnes Cribbes.



Samuel Cribbett—’Lime Klins’ Banstead, Surrey.  Died 4-01-1903[65]. £247. To Robert and

Richard Cribbett, Lime burners.


George James CribbinGoodisson Road, Liverpool. Brake Fitter. Died 5-09-1903[50]. £48.

To Margaret  Anne Cribbin, widow.



William Cribbett—Totnes, Devon. Gamekeeper. Died 21-10-1904[67]. £118 10s.

To Emily Cribbett.


Amy Florence Cribbin—’Grand Turk’ Ludgate Hill, Birmingham. Died 23-10-1904[39]. Wife of

Daniel Joseph Cribbin.




Henry Hatfield Cribb—’Fernglen’, St. James Road, Sutton, Surrey.  Died 26-10-1905[61].

£5365 0s 1d. To Laura Elizabeth Cribb, widow.


Isaac Cribb—30, West Square, St. Georges Road, Newington, Surrey.  Died 5-12-1904[48].

£277 10s. To Ellen Cribb, widow.


Ellen Elizabeth Cribb[er]—18, Ellis Square, Blackney, Gloucestershire. Widow.

Died 9-04-1905[75]. £832 10s 4d.



Elizabeth Cribb—18, Ellis Square, Armley, Leeds. Widow. Died 3-03-1906[47]. £27 9s 1d.



Kate Louisa Cribb—27, Meadow Street, Weston Super Mare. Died 27-03-1907[36]. £10.

To Albert Cribb, Green grocer, husband.



Thomas Cribb—’Chatteris’, Cambridgeshire. Account. Died 7-01-1908[63]. £215 7s.

To Rachel Cribb, widow.



Cecil James Cribbin—’Daisy Grove’, Wavertree Road, Liverpool. Coal trimmer.

Died 3-04-1909[29]. £40 0s 8d. To Emily Cribbin, widow.



John Cribb—St. Bernards, Grove Road, Hardway, Alverstoke, Hampshire. Died 23-03-1910[43].

£35 8s 8d. To William Cribb, Joiner.


William Cribb—4, Priory Road, Hardway, Alverstoke, Hampshire. Retired Joiner.

Died 19-07-1910[71]. £91 19s 8d. To Elizabeth Cribb, widow.



Josephine Cribb—’The Vicarage’, Shipley, Yorkshire. Died 13-08-1911[68]. £769 9s 6d.

To Reverend Arthur William Cribb, husband.



Alfred Cribb—7, Mount Villas, Lansdowne Hill, West Norwood, Surrey.  Died 18-05-1912[60]

£1386 12s 3d. To Jessie Baily, sister.


Edward Davies Cribb—50, Gnoll Park Road, Neath, Glamorgan. Died 19-11-1911[50].

£1043 18s 7d. To Albert Edwin Cribb, school teacher.


John Hatfield Cribb—’Helentia’ Salterns Road, Parkstone, Dorset. Butler. Died 15-04-1912.

£2526 10s. At sea on the SS Titanic. To Bessie Jane Cribb, widow.


William Laidlaw Cribbes—Meadowfield, Caronshore, Stirlingshire. Died 24-02-1912. []

To Euphemia Clerk/Cribbes.



Edwin Cribb—Barton, St. David, Somerset. Died 30-01-1909[72]. £82 18s 4d. To Esther Cribb, widow.


William Cribb—5, Victoria Gardens, Neath, Glamorgam. Died 5-03-1913[71]. £5859 8s 9d.



Arthur William Cribb—’The Vicarage’, Shipley, Yorkshire.  Died 3-06-1914[73]. £1414 8s 10d.

To Arthur Lewis Cribb and Stanley Temple Cribb.


Margaret Cribb—18, Woodend Road, Llanelly Carmarthenshire. Died 16-02-1914[64].

£784 18s 4d.


Mary Mottley Cribb—39 Kensington Gardens-Square, Middlesex. Spinster. Died 18-10-1914[87].

£3794 11s 4d. To Charles Luson Cribb.


Robert Elisha Cribb—3, St. Andrew street, Wandsworth Road Surrey.  Died 2-05-1914[57].

£126 7s 7d. To Sarah Cribb, widow.


Henry Scott Cribbes—Newstead, Bellidyke, Airth, Stirlingshire. Died 16-04-1914.

To Sarah Laidlaw/Cribbes.



Patrick Cribbin—’Cambridge Inn’, 93, Charing Cross Road, London, Middlesex.

Licensed Victualler. Died 22-11-1915[34]. £248 9s 3d. To Lawrence Edward Cribbin.



Alice Cribb—88, Wightman Road, Harringay, London, Middlesex. Died 12-06-1916[59].

£106 5s 9d. To Henry Edward Cribb, manager, husband.


Esther Cribb—Barton, St. David, Somerset. Widow. Died 18-08-1916[84]. £63.


Thomas Henry Cribb—’Mitre Pub’, 145, High Street, Woolwich, Kent. Died 11-12-1916[56].

£1531 5s 10d. To Susanna Cribb, widow.


Alfred Cribdon—183, Windmill Road, Foleshill, Warwickshire. Iron turner. Died 7-08-1916[33].

£96 16s 3d. To Clara Cribdon, widow.



Frances Elsie Hatfield Cribb—40, Gloucester Road, Kew, Surrey. Spinster. Died 18-08-1917[42].

£1570 7s 6d. To Erskine Hatfield Cribb, engineer.


George Cribb—’Sussex Arms’, 71, Upper North Street, Poplar, London, Middlesex.

Died 25-01-1917[54]. £1756 15s 11d. To Florence Annie Cribb, widow.


Henry Edward Cribb—Mount Vernon Hospital, Ruislip, Norwood, Middlesex.

Died 19-11-1917[54]. £171 18s 9d.


Stephen Cribb—24, Henry Street, Mount Ash, Glamorgan. Died 24-01-1917[64]. £85 10s. To

Edwin Cribb, Colliery Banksman.


Thomas Cribbes—8, Bellevue Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland. Died 5-06-1917.

To Miss Agnes Cribbes.



Edith Mary Cribb—Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. Widow. Died 28-01-1918[71]. £2587 1s 2d.

To Mabel Edith Cribb, Florence Eveline Cribb and Mary Woodham Cribb, spinsters.


Laura Elizabeth Cribb—Croydon Mental Hospital, Upper Warlington, Surrey. Widow.

Died 15-06-1918[62]. £2383 4s 4d. To Laura Archdale North Cribb and Kathleen Archdale North

Cribb, spinsters.


William George Cribbens—136, St. Asaph Road, Brockley, Kent. Died 4-11-1918[69]. £697.



Lois Cribb—14, Goldstone villa, Hove, Brighton. Widow. Died 2-07-1919[75]. £88 5s.


Thomas Smith Cribb—Fernwood Avenue, Streatham, Surrey. Private/Army. Died 7-12-1919. In

France. £1180 5s 10d. To Harriet Cribb, widow.



Emily Cribb—’Sherwood House’, Esplanade Road, Scarborough. Died 21-05-1920[72].

£3694 18s 11d. To Henry Humphries Cribb, husband, Gentleman.


Henry Cribb—’Fairbank’, Mill Hill Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight. Retired Lieutenant R/N.

Died 12-04-1920[82]. £331 18s 11d.


Henry Thomas Cribb—112, Mortlake Road, Richmond, Surrey. died 19-04-1920 at The Prince

Albert Inn, Whitton, Twickenham, Middlesex. £122 5s 11d. Admin by HM Treasury solicitor.



Alice Cribb—25, Hamilton Road, Everton, Liverpool. Died 29-11-1921[66]. £131 15s 4d.

To John Lang Cribb, retired insurance agent.


Eliza Cribb—’Amherst Lodge’ , Amherst Road, Tunbridge Wells, Sussex. Spinster.

Died 18-02-1921[72]. £157 10s 7d.


Henry Humphries Cribb—’Sherwood House’ Esplanade Road, Scarborough. Died 11-08-1921[78].

£32205 8s 3d. To Charles Bertram Cribb.



Emma Rosser Cribb—1, East-Court Villa, East Grinstead, Sussex. Widow. Died 11-07-1921[84].

£803 5s 4d. To Edith Rosalie Cribb, spinster.


Ivor Treharne Cribb—4, Avon Street, Cymmer, Glamorgan. Died 2-01-1922[40]. £107 10s 4d.

To Jennet Ann Cribb, widow.


Annie [Hannah] Cribbin—’The Sportsman Hall Farm’, Street Lane, Round Hay, Leeds. Widow.

Died 12-04-1922[64]. £797 7s 10d. To William Cribbin, milkman.


Margaret Cribbin—’The Sportsman Hall Farm’, Street Lane, Round Hay, Leeds. Spinster.

Died 30-06-1922[34]. £300 19s 4d. To William Cribb.



Charles Henry Cribb, Teneriffe Cottages, Bath Road, Emsworth, Hampshire. Sergent Rifle Brigade.

Died 30-11-1922. [53] £190 7s 3d.  To Violet Groegine Cribb widow. 


Cribben Rose Ellen. Main Street, Keyingham, Yorkshire. Widow.  Died  02-09-1923. [58].

To Maude Cribbin. Spinster. 




Ellen Cribb of Windermere, Athenaeum Road, Whetstone, Middlesex. Spinster.

Died 23/08/1924 [73].   £2736 19s 1d. To Julia Styles.


Frederick James Cribb of Sandrock House, East Retford, Nottinghamshire. Died 9/04/1924.[71]

£6490 1s 4d. To Emma Sarha Cribb widow


May Ellen Cribb of  Sandrock House, East Retford, Nottinghamshire. Died  13/04/1924.[39]

£788 16s 1d.  To Emma Sarha Cribb.


Bridget Cribben of 134, Radcliffe Street, Liverpool. [Wife of William Cribben]

Died 8/11/1922 [] £195. To William Cribben, plumber.


William George Cribbett of 23, Springfield Road, Babbacombe, Devon. Died 5/04/1918.[]

At sea. £217 7s 11d. To Louisa Annie Cribbett, widow.



Amy Mary Jane Cribb of Yew Tree Close House, Yeovil, Somerset. Spinster. Died 10/07/1925.[29

At Adenbrook Hospital Cambridge. £178 11s 11d. To Arthur Cribb, farmer.


Frederick Victor Cribb of Trinity Road, Scarborough. Died 29/09/1925.[51] £ 6973 17s 9d.

 To Violet Emily Cribb, spinster.


Susannah Charlotte Cribb of Stone Grove, Edgware, Middlesex. Died 5/06/1925.[74]

£5958 5s 6d. To William Cribb, husband, surveyor.


Thomas Cribb of 16, Hallsville Road, Canning Town, Essex. Died 30/07/1925[66].

£2609 15s 5d. To Susan Cribb, widow.



Caroline Cribb of Myrtle-Villa, North Street, Emsworth, Hampshire. Widow. Died 27/04/1926[98].

£2474 0s 7d. To James Henry Harris, clerk and Samuel James Windebank, gentleman.


Catherine Anne Cribb of Birtles, Battlefield Road, St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Died 22/04/1926[64].

£2648 9s 8d. To Arthur Lewis Cribb, bank clerk.


Priscilla Cribb of Theale Lane, Wedmore, Somerset. Widow. Died 21/10/1925.[89] £50.


Annie Scrymegour Cribbes of 209, Sandringham Buildings, Charing Cross Road, Westminster, Middlesex.

Died 26/10/1926[75]. £133 12s 8d. To Matthew George Cribbes, tailor.


George William Cribbin of 68, Rokeby Street,  Lemington, Northumberland.

Died 19/05/1926[46]. £830 16s 9d. To Mary Cribbin, widow.



James Cribb of The Old Vicarage, Barton Street, David, Somerset. Died 4/03/1927.[62].

£428 14s 8d. To Harold Gerald Cribb, contractor.


Robert William Cribb of Paynes Croft, Stone Grove, Edgware, Middlesex. Died 11/06/1927.[80].

£13255 19s 7d. To Amelia Pearson.  Re-sworn £12018 9s 7d.


Susannah Charlotte Cribb of Paynes Croft, Stone Grove, Edgware, Middlesex. Wife Of Robert

William Cribb. Died 5/06/1925.[74]. £716 3s 1d. To Amelia Pearson.


Andrew Cribbin of 5, Andrew Street, Harpurhey, Manchester. Died 20/03/1927[74]. £64 7s 4d. To Thomas Cribb, Iron  turner.



John Miller Cribb of The Royal Standard Inn, Queens Road, Portland, Dorsetshire.

Died 4/04/1928.[53]. £657 11s 7d. To Sarah Cribb widow.


Susanna Cribb of 29, Saunders Road. Plumstead, Kent. Widow. Died 12/04/1928.[62].

£1215 7s 8d. To Thomas George Cribb, Aircraftsman, RAF.



Ellen Elizabeth Cribb, widow, of St. Basils home, Oxford. Died 28/05/1929.[78]. £98 8s 7d.


Georgina Ann Cribb, spinster 0f The Nook, East Street, Wareham, Dorset. Died 6/05/1929.[64].

£2865 13s 4d. To Mary Ann Cribb.


Herbert William Cribb of 14, Tavistock Place, Bloomsbury, Middlesex .Died 15/05/1929.[65].

£123 4d 1d. To Richard Morris Cribb, draughtsman.


Violet Elsie Cribb of Carragh, Murray Road, Northwood, Middlesex. Died 3/03/1929.[47].

£1029 16s 9d. To Harold Ernest Cribb, husband, dental surgeon.


Fanny Cribber, spinster of New Road, Blakeney, Gloucestershire. Died 30/06/1929.[68].

£798 7s 2d. To John Cribber, retired banker. [See John Cribber 1931].



Caroline Alice Cribb, widow, of 21, Dolman SquareColholm Island, Great Yarmouth.

Died 2-05-1924.[57]. £840. To James George Cribb, fisherman, and Charles Jon Cribb, publican.


Emma Sarah Cribb, widow of 6, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkstone. Died 4/03/1930.[77].

£10401 11s 6d.


George Cribb of 9, Alma Street, Weston-Super-Mare. Died 10/10/1930.[68] at Barton St. David, Taunton. £496 1s 0d.

To Arthur Charles Cribb, haulier.


May Ellen Cribb, spinster of Sandrock House, East Retford, Nottinghamshire. Died 13/04/1924.[39]. £105 5s 3d. 

[former grant  20/08/1924]



Albert Edwin Cribb of Glendower, 29, Stoke Wood Road, Bournemouth. Died 27/07/1931.[].

£4655 16s 11d. To Elizabeth Cribb, widow and John Henry Cribb, retired rent collector.


Joseph Preston Cribb of 76, Montgomerie Road, South Sea, Hampshire. Died 3/09/1931.[].

£2063 5s 11d.


John Cribber of New Road, Blakeney, Gloucestershire. Died 9/07/1931.[78] £1003 18s 4d.

To Thomas Cribber Griffiths, farmer. [See Fanny Cribb 1929]


James Young Cribbs of 22, Oakfield Road, Croydon, Surrey. Died 14/01/1931.[76].

£798 5s 10d. To Margaret Ethel Cribbs, spinster.



Cecil Howard Cribb of Blythwood, Whitecroft Way, Beckenham. Died 13/06/1932.[68].

At Beckenham Hospital. £10143 14s 8d.

To Stanley Temple Cribb, Rtd bank official.


Clara Fanny Cribb, spinster of Swans Street, Kingsclere, Hampshire.

Died 16/02/1932.[72]. £498 6s 2d. To Fred Cribb, clerk.


John Cribben of 7, Horne Road Dover. Died 5/09/1931.[85]. £380 12s.


Matthew George Cribbes of 209, Sandringham Buildings, Charing Cross Road,

Middlesex. Died 5/01/1932.[76] at 369, Fulham Road, Fulham, Middlesex.

£878 15s 11d. To Gertrude Edith Frances Cribbes, spinster.


Herbert George Cribbett of Mount Tyron Lodge, Cedar Road, Torquay.

Died 13/12/1931.[30] at Torquay Hospital. £12 0s 3d. To George Luscombe Cribbett,



James Cribbin of 58, 58, Marshgate Lane, Stratford, Essex. Died 18/05/1932.[66].

£219 9s 5d. To Harriet Cribbin, widow.



Ann White Cribb, spinster of 6, Mount Video Terrace, chickerell, Dorset.

Died 12/07/1933.[65] at 1, Wyke Road, Weymouth, Dorset. £568 14s 10d.


Arthur Cribb of 71, West Street, Poole. Died 13/02/1933.[39]. £300 12s 0d.

To Alice May Maud Cribb, widow.


Edith Rosalie Cribb, spinster of Wood Place, Chiselhurst Road, Chiselhurst, Kent.

Died 15/06/1933.[71] at The Hospital, Teignmouth, Devon. £4303 10s 5d.


Charles Alfred Cribb of 190, Orwell Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool. Died 23/03/1933.[70].

£300 12s 0d. To Margaret Jane Cribb, widow.


Fanny Cribber, spinster of New Road, Blakeney, Gloucestershire. Died 30/06/1929.[68].

£798 7s 2d. To John Cribber, retired banker. [See John Cribber 1931]. Now £120.



Emily Cribb of 65, Metchley Lane, Harborne, Birmingham. [wife of Thomas Percy Cribb].

Died 20/05/1934.[58] at Selly Oak Infirmary Birmingham. £3205 10s 0d.


Julia Elizabeth Cribb, widow of Park House, Park Road, Gosport. Died 16/10/1934.[87].

£94 2s 0d.


James Cribben of Cahrles Street, Blue Town, Sheerness, Kent. Died 24/08/1934.[56].

£207 11s 0d. To Lily Florence Cribben.



Edwin Cribb of 19, Mount Pleasant Terrace, Miskin, Mountain Ash, Glamorgan.

Died 29/05/1935.[80]. £225 1s 0d. To John Edwin Cribb, pumps man.


Margaret Cribben, spinster of 182, Longmoor Lane, Aintree, Liverpool. Died 29/05/1935.[38].

£235 5s 4d. To Catherine Cribben.



Esther Rose Cribb of 7, Grove Crescent, South Woolford, Essex. Died 2/02/1936.[65] at Severalls

Hospital, Colchester. £8378 0s 7d. To Stanley Temple Cribb. Rtd bank manager.


Nora Ellen Cribb, spinster of The Shamrock, Birdham, Sussex. Died 1/03/1936.[56] £133 16s 10d.


Robert James Cribb of 29, Lanercost Road, Roupell Park, Tulse Hill, Surrey. Died 27/04/1936.[53]. £879 17s 2d.

To Margaret Cribb, widow.


Robert Cribbes of 19, Station Road. Ossett, Yorkshire. Died 10/07/1935.[].  £5 0s 0d.

To Charles Henry Cribbes, civil servant.


Charlotte Cribbin, spinster of 241, Fulham Road, Chelsea, Middlesex. Died 11/05/1936.[].

£251 0s 0d. To Lawrence Edwin Cribbin, licences Victualler.



Kate Eliza Cribb, spinster of 63, Moore Park Road, London. Died 22/01/1937.[75] at Childebent Road, Upper Tooting. £2093 12s 4d.


Kate May Cribb, spinster of Woodlands Hall, Bridgnorth, Salop. Died 28/05/1937.[77] at the

Infirmary Bridgnorth. £1988 0s 0d. To Albert Cribb, calico painter.


Richard Arthur Cribb, rtd farmer of Maudlin Farm, Winsham, Somerset. Died 23/08/1937.[43] at The Cottage Hospital, Chard.

£5623 8s 3d. To Lilly Perrin Cribb, widow.


Thomas George Cribb of 14, Marsh Grove road, Huddersfield. Died 2/04/1937.[72] £3574 5s 4d.






Amy Cribb, widow of 9, Aberdour Road, Goodmay, Essex, Died 25/02/1939.[70] £711 16s 11d.


William Llanwarne Cribb of The Old Rectory, Little Cawthorpe, Louth, Lincolnshire.

Died 6/10/1939.[60] £584 12s 1d. To Catherine Edith Cribb, widow and Mary Llanwarne Cribb, spinster.


Ellen Wheeler Cribbett, widow of Elmwood. Liverton, Newton Abbot, Devon.

Died 28/05/1939.[67]. £36 6s 8d. To Wilfred Charles George Cribbett, civil servant.


Catherine Cribbin, widow of 30, Anchor Street, Leeds. Died 23/06/1939.[71]. £199 0s 0d.



Constance Augusta Cribb of 47, Catherines Road, Harrogate. Wife of Valentine Campbell Cribb.

Died 25/07/1940.[55]. £400 8s 7d. To Zoe Augusta Cribb, spinster


Emma Ruth Cribb of 9, Kita Dembu Machi Neshezods Gawa Ka Osaki Shi, Japan. Spinster.

Died 2/01/1940. £527 4s 4d. To Mary Ann Cribb, spinster.


Florence Amy Cribb, widow of 85, Abbots Way, Beckenham, Kent. Died 3/06/1940.[69].

£132 6s 0d.


Lucy Elizabeth Cribb, widow of 304, Priory Road, St. Denys, Southampton. Died 27/02/1940.[60].

£263 4s 8d. To William Reuben Cribb, stevedore.


Charlotte Caroline Dorothy Cribbett of 161, Capel Road, Forest Gate, Essex.

Died 21/08/1939.[37]. £810 0s 0d. To ernest Charles Cribbett, husband, furniture dealer.



Bertha Adelaide Cribb, widow of The Bungalow, Ings Lane, Guisley, Yorkshire. Died 28/04/1941.[71].

£1462 3s 3d. To Violet Mary Cribb and Emily Barbara Cribb, spinsters.


Francis George Cribb of 41, Ashcombe Street, Fulham. Died 31/04/1941.[60] £171 5s 7d.

To Alice Cribb, widow.


James Preston Cribb of 71,  Uplands Way, Grange Park, London. Died 29/04/1941.[75].

£220 15s 7d. To Margaret Caroline Read Cribb, widow.


Walter Henry Cribb of Jacoud, South Avenue, Heath End, Farnham, Surrey. Died 23/11/1940.[62].

£1456 1s 0d. To Walter Arthur Cribb, son, builders surveyor.


Winifred Margaret Cribb of 25, Rectory Road, Beckenham, Kent. Died 18/11/1941.[60].

£2342 9s 4d. To Charles Theodore Cribb, clerk.


Catherine Cribben, widow of 18, Regina Road, Liverpool. Died 21/05/1941.[]. £151 18s 11d.


Grace Stewart Cribbes, spinster of Oriel Cottage, Airth, Falkirk. Died 21/05/1941. To Margaret

Cribber or Robb.



Amelia Cribb, widow of 6, Woodlands Road, Stoke, Guildford. Died 6/02/1942.[54].

£1303 13s 5d. To Herbert Arthur Joseph Cribb, signalman, H.M. army.


Herbert Elisha Cribb of 6, Woodlands Road, Stoke, Guildford. Died 27/09/1941.[55]. £940 6s 0d.


Isabella Cribb, spinster of East Stoke, Stoke under Ham, Somerset. Died 21/12/1941.[89].

£358 0s 4d. To Arthur Cribb rtd farmer.


John Llanwarne Cribb of Cawthorpe, Louth, Lincolnshire. Died 20/02/1942. On war service.

£652 13s 10d. To Vera Llanwarne Cribb, widow.



Stella Marion Cribb of Creina, Dennis Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex. Died 2/02/1943.[30].

£3781 15s 11d. To George Edward Cribb, husband, engineer.


William Cribb of Ferndale, Grove Road, Gosport, Hampshire. Died 18/03/1929.[63]. £730 0s 0d.

To Albert Ernest Cribb, chargeman of joiners.


George Charles Cribben of Black Eagle Hotel, Halstead, Kent. Died 5/02/1942.[72].

£2565 13s 6d. To Elizabeth Cribben, widow.


William James Cribbens, of The Hut Hotel, Corton, Suffolk. Died 25/03/1943.[62].

£2235 18s 5d. To Rebekah August Cribbens, widow.



Caroline Susan Cribb, widow of 120, Rathbone Street, London. Died 17/04/1944.[84] at

21, Ladysmith Avenue, East Ham, Essex. £9319 14s 2d.


Cecilia Maude Cribb of Jocaud, South Avenue, Heath End, Farnham, Surrey. Died 7/12/1942.[30]

On war service in the South Atlantic on the S.S. Ceramic. £591 7s 2d. To Walter Arthur Cribb,

Brother, builder surveyor.


Charles Arthur Cribb of 32, Christ Church Street, Ipswich. Died 25/01/1944.[48] £188 0s 4d.

To Hannah Maud Cribb, widow.


Charles William Cribb of The Poplars, Warren Lane, North Somercotes, Lincolnshire.

Died 21/04/1943.[80]. £2162 0s 7d.


Lillian Constance Cribb of 9, The Aven, Windborne, Dorset. Died 20/12/1943.[46] £386 10s 9d.

To William Edmond Cribb, husband, Works manager.


Ruth Josephine Cribb of Ride View, London Road, St. Albans. Hertfordshire. Died 4/01/1944.[57].

£3107 13s 11d. To Arthur Lewis Cribb, husband, rtd bank cashier.


George Cribbin of 68, Rokeby Street, Lemington, Northumberland. Died 28/05/1943. On

War service. £443 6s 5d. To May Cribb, widow.


Barbara Cribbs of 116, Avondale Road,  Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne. Died 11/09/1944.[40].

£164 2s 1d. To James Cribbs, husband, electric welder.



Anthony Campbell of 47, St. Catherine's Road, Harrogate. Died 9/03/1945. On war service.

£768 15s 6d. To Valentine Campbell Cribb, civil service.


Mary Ann Cribb, widow of 20, Flottergate, Grimsby. Died 7/02/1945.[70]. £1827 0s 5d.

To Mary Elizabeth Cribb, spinster.


Peter Ronald Cribb of 58, Greenway, Pinner, Middlesex. Died 8/08/1945. On war service.

£175 6s 0d. To Arthur Victor Cribb, jobbing gardener.



Caroline Susan Cribb of 120, Rathbone Street, London, widow Died 17/04/1944 [84]

at Ladysmith Avenue, East Ham, Essex. £7415 14s 8d.


Frank Cribb of Lulworth Avenue, Hamworthy, Dorset,  Died 19/03/1946.[37]. To Olive Hazel Cribb widow.  £930 15s 0d.


Victoria Cribb of 6, Tisbury Road, Hove, Sussex, spinster Died 01/02/1946. [7].

At ‘The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormonde Street, London.  £331 16s 3d.


William Cribb of 23, South Beach Parade, Great Yarmouth, Died 26/12/1932 at Cairo, Egypt.

£401 4s 10d.


Clara Emily Cribbs of 16, Allen Road, Ponders End, Middlesex [wife of John Cribbs ]

Died 20/01/1946.[71]. At London Road, Enfield, Middlesex. To Albert Edward Cribbs, baker.

£240 6s 9d.


John Cribbs of 16, Allen Road, Ponders End, Middlesex. Died 28/01/1946 [81]. at Chase Farm

Hospital, Enfield, Middlesex.  To Albert Edward Cribbs, baker.  £709 7s 9d.



Catherine Edith Cribb of ‘The Old Rectory’ Cawthorpe, Louth, Lincolnshire, widow Died 27/04/1947.[67].

AT The Louth and District Hospital, Crow Tree Lane, Louth.

To Alfred Llanwarne Cribb, taxi driver  and Reverend Nicholas Llanwarne Cribb.  £2328 13s 5d.

Revoked 17/02/1948. [see entry for 1948].


Florence Mabel Cribb of 25, Rectory Road, Beckenham, Kent, spinster Died 08/11/1946.[65].

To Reverend Charles Theodore Cribb, clerk.  £5009 3s 4d.


John Henry Cribb of 37, Woodland Road, Neath, Glamorgan. Died 02/03/1947.[72].

To Myfanwy Cribb.  £1542 16s 0d.


Albert John Cribbett of 17, St. Michaels Avenue, Yeovil, Somerset. Died 04/05/1946.[66].

At the Hospital, Cotford, Somerset. To Bertha May Cribbett, spinster.  £908 3s 11d.


Emily Cribbin of 4, Dorset Avenue, Liverpool, widow Died 22/12/1946.[72]. To John Cribbin

Insurance clerk and Joseph Cribbin, commercial clerk.  £241 6s 0d.


Michael Joseph Cribbin of 241, Fulham Road, London. Died 04/10/1947.[53]. At St. Stephen Hospital, Chelsea, London.

To Lawrence Edward Cribbin, Licensed Victualler.  £2943 3s 6d.


William Cribbs of 66, Swaledale Gardens, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. Died 12/04/1947.[69].

To Albert Edward Cribbs, maintenance foreman.  £1539 0s 9d.



Albert Cribb of 149, Locking Road, Weston super Mare. Died 28/06/1948.[79]. To Emily Cribb, widow and Mervyn Clifford Cribb,

storekeeper and Gwyneth Eunita Johnson.  £7584 12s 2d.


Catherine Edith Cribb of ‘The Old Rectory’ Cawthorpe, Louth, Lincolnshire, widow Died 27/04/1947.[67].

AT The Louth and Districh Hospital, Crow Tree Lane, Louth.

To Mary Catherine Llanwarne McConnell.  £1368 13s 5d.  [see entry for 1947].


Charles Bertran Cribb of ‘Rokkosan’  Menston, Yorkshire. Died 06/12/1947.[77]. TO Yorkshire

Penny Bank and John Humphrey Cribb, engineer.  £6064 1s 6d.


Katherine Cribb of Healthcentre, Timberlog, [wife of Henry Cribb]. Died 24/02/1947.[66]. To Clara Katherine Hill, widow.  £510 13s 8d.


Mary Ann Cribb of 32, Childebert Road, Balham, London, spinster. Died 19/02/1948.[70].

£2465 5s 0d.


William Alfred Llanwarne, otherwise William Alfred of Raithby, Lincolnshire. Died 15/01/1948.[45]. At Louth and District Hospital, Louth.   

£1490 17s 2d.


William White or White William of 1, Bramble Hill, Chickerell, Weymouth Dorset.

Died 04/04/1948.[81].  £1749 3s 8d.



Agnes Mary Cribb of ‘Shandon’ 19, Cockfosters Road, Hadley Wood, Herts. [wife of George

Duncan Galloway Cribb] died 24/02/1949.[66]. To George Duncan Galloway Cribb, Rtd company director.  £373 16s 1d.


Arthur John Cribb of Cherry Tree Cottage, Viggory Lane Horsell, Surrey. died 11/10/1949.[44].

at the Isolation Hospital, Ottershaw, Surrey. To Vera Rose Ellen Cribb, widow and Roy Charles Norris, journalist.  £3243 17s 2d.


John Cribb of 11, Stoner Street, Gillingham, Kent. Died 11/06/1949.[77]. To Alice Cribb, widow.

£1395 12s 10d.


Sidney William Cribb of 8, St. Johns Crescent, Sandown, Isle of Wight. Died 07/12/1948.[72].

To Lucy Ellen Crawford and Florence Margaret Dorothy Howe.   £387 15s 4d.


Walter William Cribbens of 101, Boundary Road, Ramsgate. Died 02/12/1948.[51]. To Ella May Cribbens, widow.  £1154 0s 0d.


Louisa Annie Cribbett of 4, Plainmoor Road, Torquay. Widow. Died 12/07/1949.[70].

£700 16s 10d.



Alice Maud of 61, St. andrews Road, Southsea, Portsmouth. [wife of Joseph Steple Cribb]. Died 21/01/1950.[72].

To Joseph Steple Cribb, press photographer.  £167 4s 8d.


Benjamin George Cribb of 230, Elson Road, Gosport. Hampshire. Died 01/05/1950.[57]. At the

‘War Memorial’  Hospital, Bury Road, Gosport. To Ellen Lilly Cribb, widow.  £198 12s 8d.


Harold Ernest Cribb of ‘Brook Cottage’, East Lambrook, Somerset. Died 26/06/1950.[77].

To George Desmond Cribb, medical practitioner and Anthony Cribb, captain HM Army.

£1845 15s 9d.


Ann Elizabeth Cribbes of ‘Graywood’ Birchen Avenue, Ossett, Yorkshire, widow. Died 11/03/1950.[ 86].

To Charles Henry Cribbes, civil servant.  £1840 3s 10d.


Jessie Macaulay Cribbes of ‘Homestead’ , 21, Marine Avenue, Leigh on Sea, Essex, spinster. Died 20/02/1950.[76].

at Connaught House, Rochford. Essex.

To William Wallace Macaulay Cribbes, costing clerk.  £1972 9s 1d.


Mabel Emma Cribbett of 4, Westhill Avenue, Torquay [wife of Thomas George Luscombe

Cribbett]. Died 05/02/1950. To Thomas George Luscombe Cribbett, gardener.  £214 18s 0d.


Mary Ena Cribbin or Ena Mary of 38, Greenside Crescent, Newcastle upon Tyne [wife of Albert

Cribbin]. Died 14/04/1950.[43]. To Albert Cribbin, Town hall attendant and Winifred Lax,

spinster.  £1527 1s 2d.



Beatrice Alice Cribb of ‘Furlong Cottage’ Westbury sub Mendip, near Wells, Somerset. [wife of

William John George Cribb]. Died 08/01/1951.[62]. At ‘The Cottage Hospital’, Wells. To William John George Cribb, rtd farm labourer. 

£148 8s 1d.


Bessie Jane Cribb of 22, Churchill Road, Bournemouth, widow. Died 23/04/1951.[83]. At the

Royal Victoria Hospital’, Shelley Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth. To Ernest Hatfield Cribb,

Electrical engineer.  £9154 10s 8d.


Bessie Miller Cribb of 11, Seneca Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, spinster. Died 01/06/1951.[71].

At ‘May Day Hospital’ Croydon, Surrey. To John Lardiner, gas maintenance fitter.  £145 9s 9d.


Richard Cribb of 49, Roxburgh Street, Liverpool. Died 23/09/1950.[19]. At ‘The Infirmary’

Warrington. To Emily Mottram.  £59.  Re-sworn  £594 7s 6d.



Arthur Charles Cribb of 251, Locking Road, Weston super Mare. Died 12/11/1951.[58]. To

William Charles Cribb, rtd mason.  £310 18 0d.


Charlotte Ann Cribb of 119, Penrhiwceiben Road, Penrhiwceiben, Glamorganshire, widow.

Died 21/07/1952.[75]. To Albert John Cribb, school master.  £1251 5s 0d.


Emily Cribb of ‘Alberta’, 149, Locking Road, Weston super Mare, widow. Died 13/01/1952.[76].

To Mervyn Clifford Cribb, gas company store man.  £1734 10s 3d.


Harry Gifford Cribb of 2, The Avenue, Bengeo, Herts. Died 18/05/1952.[82]. To Arthur Frederick

Cribb, rtd motor engineer.  £16747 1s 4d.


James Christopher Cribbens  of ‘Cledlyn’ Berry Road, Langdon Hills, Essex.

Died 09/12/1950.[65].  £2692 1s 7d.


Nellie May Cribbens 18, Doyle Gardens, Willesden, London. [wife of Robert Kitchener Cribbens]

Died 19/10/1951.[39]. At The Central Middlesex Hospital, Park Royal, Middlesex.

To Robert Kitchener Cribbens, purification attendant South Thames Gas Board.  £706 17s 5d.


Mabel Cribbs of 22, Oakfield Road, West Croydon, Surrey, widow. Died 15/02/1952.[96].

£259 8s 1d.



Bernard Preston Cribb of Halford Hill Farm, Halford, near Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire.

Died 21/09/1952.[48]. AT St. Albans, Hertfordshire. To Lily May Cribb, widow.  £3061 8s 0d.


Elizabeth Cribb of 29, Stokewood Road, Bournemouth, widow. Died 01/10/1952.[89]. 

£3579 13s 8d.


Frederick Charles Cribb of 4, Lime Tree Avenue, Old Costessy, Norwich. Died 18/03/1953.[61].

AT Wayland Hospital, Attleborough, Norfolk. To William John Cribb, motor engineer. 

£668 10s 8d.


Mabel Henrietta Cribb of 7, Weelsby Road, Grimsby, [wife of George James Cribb].

Died 21/02/1953.[66]. To George James Cribb, bar cellar man.  £431 5s 5d.


Stanley Temple Cribb of ‘The Old Rectory’ Kettleburg, near Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Died 22/02/1953.[86]. At Brooke House, Henley Road, Ipswich.  £14023 16s 5d.



Arthur Cribb of ‘West Park House’, 10, West Park, Yeovil, Somerset. Died 26/09/1954.[90]. To

Beatrice Bella Cribb and Agnes Mabel Cribb, spinsters.  £6611 17s 2d.


Edith Blanche Cribb of 18, Dorothy Crescent, Claines, Worcestershire, widow.

Died 22/02/1954.[68]. To Arthur Read Cribb, draughtsman  and estimator.  £1375 12s 4d.


Matilda Cribb of Mill Road, Barton St. David, Somerton, Somerset, [wife of William Charles Cribb].

Died 20/08/1954.[80]. At Barton St. David. To William Charles Cribb, rtd. stone mason.

£138 11s 11d.


Mary Crooks Cribbes of 22, Queen Anne Place, Enfield, Middlesex, spinster.

Died 15/06/1954.[90]. At North Middlesex  Hospital, London.  £148 18s 2d.


John Cribbis or Young of 51, Corporation Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. Died 16/05/1954.

£165 13s 11d.



Constance Hannah Cribb of 25, Rectory Road, Beckenham, Kent, spinster. Died 31/01/1955.[80].

At The Brookland Nursing Home, Upper Latimer, St. Albans, Herts.  £8731 12s 4d.


Violet Emily Cribb of ‘Dulverston Hotel’, St. Martins Square, Scarborough, spinster.

Died 03/11/1954.[70]. At the ‘Belvedere Nursing Home, Belvedere Road, Scarborough. To Violet

Mary Cribb and Lois Clarke, spinsters.  £4959 9s 1d.


Walter Ralph Cribb of 22, Temple Rhydding Drive, Basildon, Yorkshire. Died 06/04/1955.[79].

At St. Lukes Hospital, Bradford. To Florence Cribb, widow.  £386 11s 0d.


William George Cribb of 35, Moorend Street, Cheltenham. Died 08/12/1954.[77]. To Sarah

Elizabeth Cribb, widow.  £631 4s 0d.



John Edwin Cribb of ‘Droslyn’ Station Road, Letterston, Pembrokeshire. Died 22/10/1955.[70].

To Sarah Ann Cribb, widow. £153 15s 8d.


Mary Woodham Cribb of ‘Stombers’, Cricketfield Lane, Bishop Stortford, Herts, spinster.

Died 21/07/1956.[73]. At Haysmead Hospital, Bishop Stortford. To Arthur Frederick Cribb rtd.

Engineer.  £27621 19s 9d.


Robert William Edmund Cribb of 9, The Avenue, Wimborne, Dorset. Died 30/07/1956.[80].

To Robert john lester Cribb Engineers Technical Rep, and Walter George Cribb, market grower.

£5970 9s 9d.


William Charles Cribb of ‘Clarence House’ Barton St. David, Somerset. Died 14/01/1956.[84].

AT Northfield Hospital, Boltonsborough, Somerset. To Harry Edgar Cribb.  £1481 11s 1d.


Damaris Cribbes of 118, Granvillest, Grimsby, widow. Died 06/01/1956.[87]. To Alexander Cribbes, box repairer.  £725 16s 7d.



Arthur John Cribb of 80, Adelaide Road, St. Denys, Southamptom. Died 27/11/1956.[51]. At

The General Hospital, Tremore Road, Southampton. To Edith Maud Cribb, widow.  £1447 1s 6d.


Gertrude Mabel or Gertrude Cribb of 76, Highfield Avenue, Grimsby, [wife of William George Cribb]. Died 22/02/1957.[67].

At Scartho Road Hospital, Grimsby. To William George Cribb,

Assistant barracks caretaker.  £277 7s 7d.


John Darsey Cribb of 131, Graet Tattenham. Tattenham Corner, Epsom. Died 24/02/1957.[84].

At 14, Marlow Court, Willesden Lane, London. To William Baker, rtd. Civil engineer.  £1432 4s 9d.


Norman Cribb of 10, Thornfield, Headley, near Kingsclere, Hamps. Died 30/05/1957.[40]. At

Greenham, near Newbury. To Norah May Cribb, widow.  £542 12s 1d.


Stanley Johnstone Cribb of 145, Grangre Road, Bishop Strotford. Died 12/08/1957.[83].

To Arthur Frederick Cribb, motor engineer.  £2234 3s 10d.


Margaret Alice Cribbes of 5a Monson Road, Redhill, Surrey, widow. Died 12/03/1956.[72].

£1286 15s 4d.


William Cribbin of 19, Ellers Road, Leeds. Died 20/12/1956.[66].  £1855 12s 7d.



John Furlonger Cribb of ‘Missenden House’,  26, Park Road, Woking, Surrey.

Died 31/03/1958.[83]. To Kathleen Olive Westcott, married women.  £248 16s 5d.


Richard Morris Cribb of 6, Northcote Road, Twickenham, Middlesex. Died 20/05/1958.[55].

At ‘Springfield Hospital’, Tooting, Surrey. To Marjorie Cribb, widow.  £825 17s 6d.


William John Cribb of ‘Coronation Garage’ Boundary Road, Hellesdon, Norfolk.

Died 20/10/1957.[44]. At ‘The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital’, Norwich.   £5580 19s 10d.


Edith Margaret Cribben of 63, Claude Road, Upton Park, Essex, spinster.

Died 16/02/1958.[71]. At 58, Edgefield avenue, Barking, Essex.  £604 0s 0d.  Re-sworn 1959,

£521 1s 9d.


Agnes Sarah Susannah Cribbens of 84, Hardress Street, Ramsgate, [wife of Frances James Cribbens]. Died 08/02/1958.[79].

To Frances James Cribbens, rtd. Fisherman.  £213 13s 3d.


Mary Elizabeth Cribbin of 17, Mickleton Drive, Leicester, widow. Died 11/08/1958.[80].

At 312, London Road, Leicester.  £2043 5s 0d.


Thomas Cribbin 30, Overhill Terrace, Gateshead. Died 02/08/1958.[74].

At Dunston Hill Hospital, County Durham.  £64 14s 1d.


Albert Edward Cribbs of 66, Swaledale Gardens, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Died 29/04/1958.[52]. At ‘The Royal Victoria Infirmary’, Newcastle upon Tyne.

To Lilia Alice Cribbs,



Ada Maud [Ada] Cribb of 132, New City Road, London, [wife of Frederick Christopher Cribb].

Died 02/07/1959.[65]. At ‘London Hospital’, London. To Frederick Christopher Cribb. 

£114 0s 4d.


Edward Harry Cribb of 17, Glasbrook Avenue, Twickenham, Middlesex. Died 06/03/1959.[50].

At ‘West Middlesex Hospital’, Isleworth, Middlesex. To Marjorie Sophia Cribb, widow. 

£4632 19s 9d.


Florence Eveline Cribb of 15, Grange Road, Bishop Stortford, Herts, spinster.

Died 08/10/1959.[83]. TO Arthur Frederick Cribb, rtd. motor engineer. £36719 10s 4d.


George Preston Cribb of Flat 2, 14 Wood Lane, Headingley, Leeds. Died 07/05/1959.[57].

AT ‘The General Infirmary’, Leeds. To Dily Tudor Cribb, widow. £4545 13s 10d.


Louisa Maud Cribb of 42, Dawson Avenue, Barking, Essex. [wife of Charles Kenrick Cribb].

Died 13/01/1959.[61]. At ‘Harpld Wood Hospital’, Harold Wood, Essex. To Charles Kenrick Cribb, labourer.  £345 13s 11d.


Edith Margaret Cribben,  see 1958.


Harriett Elizabeth Cribbens of ‘Cledlyn’ Berry Lane, Langdon Hill, Essex, widow.

Died 18/01/1959.[70]. At ‘St. Andrews Hospital’ Billericay, Essex.

To Daniel Ernest Stanley Davies, civil engineer.  £3685 18s 5d.


Isabell Cribbin of 13, Gray Terrace, Oxhill Stanley, County Durham. [wife of Lewis Cribbin].

Died 01/11/1959.[71]. At ‘The Hospital’ Shortley Bridge, County Durham. To Lewis Cribbin,

Rtd coal miner.  ££105 15s 0d.



Alfred Theodore Fairchild Cribb of 15 & 17, Queens Street, Gravesend, Kent.

Died 09/12/1959.[66]. At ‘St. James HospitalGravesend. To Emma Cribb, widow.  £283 10s 0d.


Fanny Mildred Cribb of 4, Queens Gardens, Eastbourne, spinster. Died 01/04/1960.[90].

At Southfields Nursing Home, Southfield Road, Eastbourne. To the reverend Charles Theodore Cribb, clerk and

Hilda Muriel McVicar [wife of John Ross McVicar].  £14036 6s 6d.


Harriet Cribb of 29, Fern Wood Avenue, Streatham, London, widow. Died 05/03/1960.[75].

At ‘St. James Hospital’, Balham, London. To Sydney Thomas Cribb, assistant bank manager.

£2843 15s 7d.


Nellie Gertrude Cribb of 4, Laural Crescent, Woodham Lane, Woking, Surrey. [wife of Erskine Hatfield Cribb]. Died 17/02/1960.[76].

At 43, Broadway, Knaphill, Woking.

To Erskine Hatfield Cribb, rtd mining engineer.  £620 7s 8d.


Reginald Marsh Cribb of 80, Bagot Road, Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia. Died 28/06/1937.

To Anthony John Rylands, solicitor of Amy Florence Cribb.  £1355 2s 4d. In England.


Victor Lorrimer Cribb of 3, Hough Grove, Bramley, Leeds. Died 12/12/1959.[60]. At St. James Hospital, Burmantofts, Leeds.

To Lucy Gwendoline Cribb, widow.  £1887 16s 2d.


Maggie Cribdon 21, Osborne Road, Earlsdon, Coventry. [wife of Frederick Cribdon].

Died 30/05/1959.[67]. To Frederick Cribdon, material handler.  £770 0s 0d.



Alice Annie Cribb of 11, Strover Street, Gillingham, Kent, widow. Died 07/01/1961.[92].

At ‘Keycol Hospital’ Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent. To Walter John David Low, petty officer RN.

£1693 4s 6d.


Arthur Lewis Cribb of ‘Ridge View’ , 366, London Road, St. Albans, Herts. Died 25/01/1961.[96].

To Wilkie Winter, printer.  £4498 2s 8d.


Frederick Christopher Cribb of 132, New City Road, Plaistow, Essex. Died 23/10/1959.[65].

TO Robert  Christopher Cribb, quality control manager.  £293 11s 3d.


Myfanwy Cribb of 37, Woodland Road, Neath, Glamorgan, widow. Died 17/12/1960.[88].

To William Ronald Richard, grocer.  £4323 0s 0d.


Donald Brian Cribb of 23, Wakeham, Portland, Dorset. Died 07/08/1961. At sea. To Claudette

Elli Mary Cribb, widow.  2218 9s 0d.


Olive Ellen Cribbin of 33, Holmfield Avenue, Moston, Manchester. Died 09/05/1961.[77].

To Olive Ellen Willshaw, married women.  £1552 1s 3d.



Charles Cribb of 16, Rendel Street, Grimsby. Died 05/01/1962.[73]. At the General Hospital,

Nottingham.  £570 18s 0d.


Erskine Hatfield Cribb of 30, Southview Court, Woking, Surrey. died 30/09/1962.[75].

At ‘Victoria Hospita’, Woking, Surrey. To Rhoda Hatfield Cribb, spinster and Erskine Hatfield Cribb, sales office clerk. 

£16711 10s 0d.  [see Nellie Gertrude Cribb—1960].


George Stephen Cribb of 43, Coventry Avenue, Grimsby. 27/08/1962.[75]. To Ella Bagley wife of

Charles Walter Bagley.  £180 17s 3d.


William Francis Cribb of 122, Stoneleigh Avenue, Worcester Park, Surrey. Died 07/02/1962.[76].

426, Malden Road, New Malden, Surrey. To Beatrix Helen Cribb, widow.  £3114 7s 1d.


Beatrice Mary Cribbens of 15, Abbotts Hill, Ramsgate, Kent, widow. Died 27/06/1962.[81].

At St. Augustine Avenue, Chatham, Kent. To Mary Elizabeth Martin, widow.  £2291 7s 7d.



Elizabeth Emma Cribb of 4, New Bryngwyn, Fleur de Lys, Monmouth, married women.

Died 19/01/1963.[84]. To William Gilbert Cribb, miner.  £1085 16s 0d.


Elizabeth Mary Cribb of 11, Kings Road, Emsworth, Hampshire. [wife of Albert Cribb].

Died 10/01/1963.[72]. At The Royal Portsmouth Hospital, Portsmouth. To Albert Cribb,

shop manager.  £962 0s 0d.


Henry [Harry] Cribb of 54, St. Ervans Road, Kensington, London. Died 06/02/1963.[81].

At St. Charles Hospital, London. To Lillia Cribb, widow.  £506 2s 0d.


Joseph Stephen Cribb of 61, St. Andrews Road, Southsea, Portsmouth. Died 02/02/1963.[87].

At 20, Clarence Parade, Southsea. To V. Maud Hall, widow and Ena Mary Dunlop, [wife of Donald Thomas Dunlop].  £2074417s 4d.


Sarah Elizabeth Cribb of 35, Moorend Street, Cheltenham, widow. Died 13/11/1963.[84].

At Delancey Hospital, Cheltenham.  £1779 14s 5d.


Sydney James Cribb of 8, Aubrey Road, Bedminster, Bristol. Died 16/07/1963.[67]. At Han Green

Hospital, Easton on Gordano, Somerset. To Sally Ethel Cribb, widow.  £2364 1s 0d.


Valentine Campbell Cribb of 55, Swaledale Avenue, Darlington. Died 28/05/1962.[79].

To William Roxborough, accountant.  £2515 2s 0d.


1963 Cont:

William George Cribb of 76, Highfield Avenue, Grimsby. Died 11/04/1963.[74]. At Scartho Road

Hospital, Grimsby. To Albert Edward Cribb, export manager.  £705 16s 0d.


David Cribbin of 69, Kelsby Road, Sale Moor, Cheshire. Died 04/02/1963.[55]. Whilst being

Conveyed to ‘Belle Vue Manchester [Royal Infirmary]. To Annie Cribbin, widow.  £519 17s 0d.


Emily Cribbs of 9, St. Marks Road, Chester,  spinster. Died 04/06/1962.[84]. At ‘Heath Lane

Hospital’, Great Broughton, Cheshire. To Matthew Alexander Gear, rtd. Lieutenant Commander, RN.  £459 4s 0d.


James Cribbs of 118 Avondale Road, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne. Died 02/03/1963.[59].

To Christie Pretoria Cribbs, widow.  £520 0s 0d.




Margaret Caroline Read Cribb of 1, Fairfield Close, Emsworth, Hampshire. Widow died 17/10/1964.[98].

Wray House, South Leigh Road, Havant, Hampshire. To Margaret Eva Godsall, widow.  £3334.


Margaret Jane Cribb of 68, Yew Tree Road, Walton, Liverpool. Widow died 19/01/1964.[92]. To Charles Alfred Cribb, Rtd engineer. 



Albert Cribbett of 4. Petroleum Dept; RASC British Forces Post Office, Germany. Died 22/04/1964. At Nienburg, Germany.

To Jean Cribbett widow.  £2139.


Lady Hilda Marion Cribbett of 12, Warborough Road, Churston Ferrers, Brixham, Devon. [wife of Sir. Wilfrid Charles George Cribbett].

Died 16/11/1963.[66]  £1400.


Sir. Wilfrid Charles George Cribbett KBE CMG of Twyford abbey, Park Royal, London.

Died 23/05/1964.[66].  £6938.


William Edwin Cribbett of 15, Sea View Avenue, Lipson, Plymouth. Died 20/08/1964.[75].

At Greenbank Hospital, Plymouth. To Walter Edwin John Cribbett, police officer.  £914.


Albert John Cribbett of  Royal Lodge, Prince Town, Devon. Died 23/09/1964.[14]. To Thirza Maud Cribbett.  £219.


Patricia Beryl Cribden/Cribdon of 44, Lowther Street, Stokecoventry. Spinster. Died 27/03/1964.[45].

At Queen Elizabeth Hospital,

Birmingham. To Marjorie Ellaline Ethel Moore

[wife of William Harold Moore].   £741.



Harry Cribb of 18, Francis Street, Fleur de Lys, Monmouthshire. Died 16/11/1964.[83].

At Oakdale Hospital, Monmouthshire. To Fred Millward Cribb.[no occupation].  £559.


Margaret Emma Cribb of Downside Hospital, Longland Road, Eastbourne. Died 15/05/1965.[79].

To Geoffrey William Brewer, solicitor.  £2226.


Alice Maud Cribbett of 128, Ramuz Drive, Westcliffe-on-Sea. Died 07/06/1965.[87].

At Westcliffe Hospital, Westcliffe-on-Sea. To Archibald Richard Cribbett, taxi driver.  £4037.



Ethel Cribb of ‘Wyvern’, 26, Newfield Drive, Menston, Leeds. Died 03/04/1966.[91]. To Margaret Emily Rhodes,

married women and Thomas Barnsley Simpson, solicitor.  £3056.


Frank Cyril Victor Cribb [otherwise Frank] of 16, Perth House, Camberra Square, Tilbury, Essex. Died 17/08/1966.[52].

At St. Andrews Hospital, Billericay, Essex. To Ann Pauline Allen, married women and Brian Charles Allen, customs officer.  £707.


Sarah Jane Cribb of 2, Elgin Road, Ilford, Essex. Died 11/12/1964.[91]. At King George hospital, Ilford. To Irene Lily Cane,

married women.  £4580.


Violet Mary Cribb of 9, Queens Gardens, Eastbourne. Died 19/11/1965.[83].

To Barclays Bank.  £30386.


Robert Lamb Cribbes of 21, Roebuck Lane, West Bromwich, Staffordshire.

Died 18/11/1965.[64]. Confirmation of George Cribbes and Thomas Stewart McGregor sealed London. 23rd March.



Albert John Cribb of 10, Bishops Walk, Llandaff. Died 19/10/1967.[67]. To Laura Cribb and Maria Ayms widows

and Edith Louisa Davies spinster.  £10420.


Anthony Cribb of ‘Tolcarne’ Stonebridge Fields, Shalford, Guildford. Died 30/03/1967.[39]. At Blackheath Guildford.

To June Cribb widow.  £2088.


Arthur Frank Cribb of 28, Byny Road, Barnet, Herts. Died 01/06/1967.[76].

At 28, Byny Road, Barnet, Herts. To Jeanesta Elizabeth Cribb, widow and Arthur Robert Cribb, pharmacist.  £9791.


Lily Perrin Cribb of 38, Bushfield Road, Crewekerne, Somerset. Died 22/05/1967.[74].

At Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. To Peter Stamford Horden, solicitor and Thomas Austen Hatchings solicitors clerk.



Thomas Cribb of 56, Clarendon Gardens, Stone, near Dartford, Kent.

Died 12/02/1967.[93]. To Alice Ethel Craddock, spinster and Fred Cribb retd, grocer.



Agnes Cribbess of ‘Clayesmore Cottage’, Grove Road, Tring, Herts.

Died 19/03/1967.[97]. At St. Pauls Hospital, Hemel Hempstead.

To Agnes Griesson Hodgson, widow.   £3404.


Walter Cribbin of 23, Churchill Drive, Queens Road, Wrexham. Died 11/04/1967.[64].

To Rose Maria Cribbin, widow.  £2220.


Margaret Ethel Cribbs of 13, Barrhill Avenue, Brighton. Died 10/05/1967.[89].

At The General Hospital, Brighton. To Nellie Cribbs, spinster.  £1543.



Herbert Joseph Cribb of ‘Pollards Orchard’, Ditchling Common, Burgess Hill, Sussex.

Died 06/11/1967.[75].   £3854.


Katherine Blanche Cribb of Coulsdon Hospital, Surrey. Died 10/10/1967.[74].  £2525.


Robert Henry Miller Cribb of 15, Market Strret, Abbotsbury, Dorset.

Died 23/09/1961.[91].  £636.


Thomas Percy Cribb of 65, Matchley Lane, Harbourne, Birmingham.

Died 13/12/1963.[99]. £1205.  [see Edith Florence Cribb 1969]


George Oswald Cribbes of 28, Dublin Street, Edinburgh. Died 27/01/1967. Confirmed sealed London 9th May.


Jeremiah Cribbin of ‘Sycamore Lodge’ Greygales, Mount Merrion, Blackrock county, Dublin. Died 02/01/1968.  £1685.


Mary Cribbin of 37, Wellington Squar, Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Died 31/12/1967.[80].  £2075.



Albert Cribb of 11, Kings Road, Emsworth, Hants. Died 19/08/1969.[born 19th March 1888].   £3776.


Edith Florence or Edith Frances Cribb of 65, Matchley Lane, Harbourne, Birmingham.

Died 23/12/1968. [90]. £1518.  [see Thomas Percy Cribb 1968]


Florence Ethel Mary Cribb of 1, Elkins Road, Wymondham, Norfolk. Died 09/01/1969.[80].



John Albert Cribb of 25, Northampton Road, Blisworth, Northampton.

Died 17/06/1969.[born 3rd May 1903].  £2785.


Mabel Edith Cribb of ‘Musgrove Manor’ Widbury Hill, Ware, Herts. Died 16/12/1968.[97].



James Ernest Cribbin of 25, Park Lane, Hayes, Middlesex.

Died 30/05/18969.[born about March 1909].  £10415.



Felix Lawrence Cribb of 5, St. Paul’s Square, York.

Died 16/06/1970.[born 10th April 1932].   £4350.


Florence Cribb of 22, Temple Rhydding Drive, Baildon, York.

Died 01/19/1970.[born 8th June 1885].     £6258.


John Stanley Cribb of 3, Landseer Road, Selsey, Sussex.

Died 04/09/1970.[born 6th February 1890].   £847.


Sarah Ann Cribb of 12, Gwenifor Street, Mountain Ash, Glamorgan.

Died 17/09/1970.[born 4th February 1898].    £389.


Cecilia Cribben of St. Josephs Home, Belmont Road, Liverpool.

Died 19/03/1970.[about 1899].   £583.


Dorothy Cribbin of 5, Chain Walk, Higher Blackley, Manchester.

Died 01/06/1970.[24th Spetember 1924].   £523.



Edward George Cribb of ‘Stowe March’ Barnet Lane, Elstree, Herts.

Died 16/07/1971.[23rd January 1900].  £69544.


Henry John Cribb of 49, Cotterills Lane, Birmingham.

Died 23/05/1971.[born 22nd December 1894].  £894.


Rosetta Jane Cribben of 5, School Street, Gateshead. Died 14/07/1970.[born 14th July 1888].   £1562.


Robert Kitchener Cribbens of ‘53, White Leys’, Albert Road, Brent, London.

Died 18/04/1971.[born 27th December 1914].  £936.


Charles Henry Cribbes of 14, Kingsway, Whitkirk, Leeds.

Died 24/11/1790.[born 4th April 1890].   £3420.


Archibald Richard Cribbett of 128, Ramuz Drive, Westcliffe on Sea, Essex.

Died 12/09/1971.[born 5th September 1904].  11817.


Ernest Charles Cribbett of 29, Princess Street, Babbacombe, Torquay.

Died 27/04/1971.[born 7th December 1895].   £3458.


Albert Edward Victor Cribbin of ‘Little Carters’, Hyde Lane, Danbury, Essex.

Died 13/04/1971.[born 4th September 1894].  £27439.


Arthur Bevington Cribbs/or Quirk otherwise Arthur of 19, Lydgate Road,

Droylsden, Lancs. Died 05/06/1971.[born about 1900].   £190.


Clara Cribdon of 200, Windmill Road, Foles Hill, Coventry.

Died 14/07/1971.[born 1st December 1881].  £8308.



Arthur Frederick Cribb of 27, Gosfield Hall, Halstead, Essex.

Died 26/06/1972.[born 18th April 1880].   £98685.


Cornelius Arthur Cribb of 129, Percy Road, Southsea, Portsmouth.

Died 27/02/1972.[born 6th February 1896].   £8889.


John Ronald Cribb of 44, Wroxham Road, Branksome, Poole.

Died 22/07/1971.[born 11th October 1904].   £2025.


Robert James William Cribb of 4, Hillworth Road, London SW2.

Died 22/07/1971.[born 22nd June 1879].   £1068.


Walter Arthur Cribb of 36, Greenfields, Park Road, Liss, Petersfield, Hants.

Died 04/01/1972.[born 3rd October 1906].   £1437.


Gertrude Edith Frances Cribbes of 209, Sandringham Flats, Charing Cross Road, London. Died 23/03/1972.

[born 16th April 1894].  £8668.


Dorothy Cribbin of 35a, Caughill Road, Upton, Cheshire.

Died 20/11/1971.[born 28th July 1910].  £985.


George Cribbin/Cribbon of 20, Davenham Road, Sale.

Died 29/09/1972.[born 13th November 1887].   £5775.


Hilda Cribbin of 24, Park Lane, Wilberfoss, York.

Died 04/01/1972.[born 9th February 1909].   £1659.


William Cribbin of 30, Hexham Road, Throckley, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Died 1970.[born 12th September 1906].   £534.


Nellie Cribb of 141, Vale Avenue, Brighton.

Died 11/08/1972.[born 29th August 1891].   £13597.



Alice Emma Cribb of 4, Yarborough Road, Grimsby.

Died 10/04/1973.[born 3rd September 1907].   £2746.    732700570K


Charles Alfred Cribb of 8, Yew Tree Road, Walton, Liverpool.

Died 12/02/1973.[born 30th June 1898].   £3394.    731609792C


Elizabeth Ann Cribb of 48, Commercial Street, Mountain Ash, Glamorgan.

Died 17/11/1973.[born 14th June 1889].   £1700.   731808513F


Geraldine Barry Cribb of 14, Rue de General Delestraint, 75, Paris, France.

Died 08/03/1973.   £17730.    730128214C    see John Edward Cribb 1976.


James John Cribben of 1, Breakmead, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Died 25/07/1973.[born 5th June 1915].  £1339.    731203423B


Veronica Amy Cribbens of 44, St. John’s Avenue, Ramsgate.

Died 22/05/1973.[born 8th March 1922].   £392.   730601561K



Kathleen Dorothy Cribb of 172 Sheen Lane, East Sheen, London, SW14.

Died 15/04/1974.[born 18th April 1890].     £15044.    740159796J


Nancy Cribb of 48, Mitcham Lane, London, SW16.

Died 17/08/1974.[born 24th November 1913].    £17243.    740133910H

See Sydney Thomas Cribb below..


Ronald Cribb of 71, Brocklessby Road, Scunthrope.

Died 01/06/1974.[born 12th June 1938].   £1535.    742517070H


Sydney Thomas Cribb of 48, Mitcham Lane, London, SW16.

Died 20/04/1974.[born 11th October 1914].     £14029.  740120309H  

See Nancy Cribb above..


Winifred Lucy Cribb of 4, Grant Road, Stokecoventry.

Died 28/12/1973.[born 2nd January 1894].   £2441.   740302656H


Jack Leonard Cribbens of 44, Langley Road, Tooting, London, SW17.

Died 23/09/1974.[10th September 1924].    £317.   740519576D


Roy Cribbes of ‘Hillcrest’, 33, Manor Road, Ossett, West Yorks.

Died 06/11/1974.[23rd Je/Ne 1895].    £6773.   741310635J



Beatrice Bella Cribb of ‘Las Flores’, 55, Ash Hill Road, Torquay.

Died 24/02/1975.[born 4th December 1891].   £22139.   750712448B


Francis James Cribb of 19, John Burn Drive, Barking.

Died 18/09/1975.[born 29th March 1905].   £2323.    751007597B


Frederick Burt Cribb of 45, Dunbarton Road, Wyke Regis, Weymouth.

Died 18/05/1975.[born 16th December 1907].   £3339.   753309962H


George Desmond Cribb of 52, Hawesbury Road, Canvey Island, Essex.

Died 14/05/1975.[born 14th August 1917].   £6948.   750509754K


Gladys Mary Cribb of 55, Knighton Drive, Leicester.

Died 20/11/1974.[born 7th September 1893].   £17340.    752512398C


Marion Kate Cribb of 9, College Lane, Chichester.

Died 23/07/1975.[born 15th July 1889].   £739.   750510162K


May Cribb of ‘Highbury Hall’ Queensbridge Road, Moseley, Birmingham.

Died 19/02/1975.[born 6th April 1894].   £1262.   750303907H


Vera Rosa Ellen Cribb of 10, Rutland Gardens, Birchington, Kent.

Died 17/02/1975.[born 30th October 1904].   £11523.   750517339F


John Charles Frederick Cribbens of 56, Marlow Drive, North Cheam, Surrey.

Died 20/03/1975.[born 2nd February 1902].   £12326.    750157540L


Freda Cribdon of 2, Charlcote Road, Welesbourne, Warwickshire.

Died 29/11/1974.[born 21st June 1922].   £2246.    752507176G



Ellen Kate Cribb of 22, Churchill Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth.

Died 26/06/1976.[born 17th December 1899].    £18737.   763311190K


John Edward Cribb of 14, Rue de General Delestraint, 75016, Paris, France.

Died 18/05/1976. £14558.    760114551Q     see Geraldine Barry Cribb 1973.


Jose Albert Cribb of 4, Yarborough Road, Grimsby.

Died 03/03/1976.[born 1st March 1904].   £21223.    762700840H


William Arthur Cribb of ‘Seacombe’, Wimborne Road, East End, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne. Dorset. Died 1976.

[born 4th December 1904].    £15362.   763312952X


William George Cribb of 12, Selwyn Close, Blackenhall, Wolverhampton.

Died 17/02/1976.[born 12th July 1909].   £7860.    760306982V


Jack Cribbens of 275, Wakefield Road, Barnsley.

Died 27/03/1976.[born 24th April 1915].   £5266.    763002530F



Charles Theodore Cribb of 172, Sheen Lane, London, SW14.

Died 13/12/1976.[born 6th October 1888].    £36101.   77023563X


Charlotte Ethel Cribb of 8, Grove Park, London, E11.

Died 21/10/1977.[born 10th January 1897].     £11543.    770127529D


Emily Barbara Cribb of ‘The Bungalow’ Ings Crescent, Guiseley, Leeds.

Died 12/09/1976.[born 28th September 1905].   £2835.   771301385M


Harry Cribb of 18, Francis Street, Fleur de Lys, Gwent.

Died 16/11/1964.[83].   £150.   771800388N


Herbert Robert Cribb of 29, Vicarage Road, London, E10.

Died 25/11/1976.[born 30th September 1897].     £2443.    770102272K


Thomas William Cribb of 1a, Manor Road, Woodford, Bridge, Essex.

Died 06/02/1977.[born 12th February 1890].   £15027.   770110521W


James Cribbes of 27, Turners Place, Holmer Green, High Wycombe.

Died 25/03/1977.[born 16th November 1901].    £10000.     772808182N


Albert Cribbin of 42, Greenside Crescent, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Died circa 1965.[52].     £2600.    772207696Z



Charlotte Florence Louise Cribb of 14, Seafield Road, Ramsgate.

Died 05/03/1978.[born 6th August 1894].     £5069.   780602409D


Gordon William Frank Cribb of ‘Clarence House’ Barton St. David, Somerton, Somerset.

Died 20/05/1978.[born 29TH October 1928].   £6400.    780903853X


Harry/Henry Francis Harvey Cribb of ‘Seven Barrows Farm’, bere Road, Wareham Dorset.

Died 15/12/1977.[born 10th October 1901].      £32987.    783304691C


James Montague Joseph Cribb of 15, Market Street, Abbotsbury, Dorset.

Died 28/11/1977.[born 11th July 1903].    £7698.     783300485Y


Katherine Cribb of 14, Lucerne Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey.

Died 11/04/1947.[66].    £14250.    780211688N


Laura Archibald/Archdale North Cribb of ‘The Way’, Bay View Road, Looe, Cornwall.

Died 13/02/1976.[born 5th August 1886].    £10107.     780800015M


Mary Cribbin of 13, Princess Avenue, West Kirby, Merseyside.

Died 08/07/1978.[born 14th May 1901].    £26891.    780124728Q


George Edwin Cribdon of 344, Walsgrave Road, Coventry.

Died 25/09/1978.[born 4th July 1904].   £5452.    780313310D



Charles William Cribb of 266, Bordesley Green, East Bordesley Green, Birmingham.

Died 12/11/1978.[born 14th June 1916].    £1453      790300205T  see Helen Cribb 1979


Doris Evelyn Cribb of 7, Little South Street, Louth, Lincolnshire.

Died 18/03/1979.[born 18th January 1902].    £4534.       790603506F


Edwin Joseph Cribb of 168, Weston Street, Portland, Dorset.

Died 11/09/1978.[born 21st September 1907].     £519.     793301045A


Harry Edgar Cribb of 1, Moore Villas, Castle Cary, Somerset.

Died 25/09/1979.[born 29th August 1900].    £43101.     790706806G


Helen Cribb of 266, Bordesley Green, East Stechford, Birmingham.

Died 13/10/1979.[born 16th March 1921].       £18437.    790313144Q 

see Charles Cribb 1979


Keith Briers Cribb of 55, Knighton Drive, Leicester.

Died 15/03/1979.[born 19th August 1917].     £2980.       790509268X


Margaret Elizabeth Cribb of 16, Beacon Hill, London, N7.

Died 24/04/1979.[born 9th March 1911].     £3050.      790210397Y


Vernon Talbot Samuel/Talbot Vernon Samuel Cribb of 51a, Annadale avenue,

Bognor Regis.

Died 05/05/1979.[born 13th November 1917].    £2110.    790507246A


Rebecca/(Rebekah/Rebkah) Augusta Cribbens of 22, Cambridge Road,


Died 04/02/1979.[born 25th March 1883].   £22202.     790159235M


Ada Adaline Cribley of 27, Eastbury Avenue, Horton Bank Top, Bradford.

Died 27/04/1979.[born 23rd July 1894].   £2348.    791303693V



Albert William Cribb of ‘the Bungalow’, New Road, Buxworth, Derbyshire.

Died 15/09/1980.[born 24th December 1888].   £41251.    802115549H


Gertrude Rose Cribb of ‘Darley Dale’, 32, Fernside Road, Poole.

Died 23/10/1979.[born 27th February 1903].    £27581.    803300129n


Henrietta Cribb of 17, Marl Road, Bootle.

Died 28/07/1980.[born 8th June 1922].     £7606.   801609421Y


Sally Ethel Cribb of 8, Aubrey Road, Chessels, Bristol.

Died 13/04/1980.[born 1st July 1895].     £17676.    800704039Y


Joseph Cribbin of 37, Buckingham Court, Broadfield, Crawley.

Died 11/09/1979.[born 19th March 1905].     £2750.    800504008R


James Richard Cribley of 11, Longley Crescent, Sheffield.

Died 13/12/1977.[born 15th October 1898].    £1700.     803001626Q



George Cribb of 36, Anderson Road, Litherland, Liverpool.

Died 20/03/1981.[born 12th July 1916].     £2743.     811606376V


Ian Frank Cribb of 102, Parkstone Avenue, Parkstone, Poole.

Died 20/03/1981.[born 20th May 1946].     £14413.    81331698H


Joseph Cribb of 16, Aconbury Place, Liverpool.

Died 02/02/1981.[born 27th March 1898].     £2302.   811602641Z


June Cribb of 104, Station Road, Shlaford, Surrey.

Died 03/08/1981.[born 19th June 1929].    £49123.    8133149969R


Patrick Cribbin of 14, Swan Lane, Lockwool, Huddersfield.

Died 03/07/1981.[born 20th February 1913].     £2500.    811307697V



Amy Mary Cribb of 14, Bentley Way, Stanmore, Middlesex.

Died 03/10/1982.[born 30th October 1899].    £19608.    820606415T


Benjamin William Roy Cribb of 232, Elson Road, Gosport.

Died 19/09/1982.[born 29th December 1917].   £24509.    823318526L


Charles William Cribb of 266, Brodesley Green, East Stechford, Birmingham.

Died 12/11/1978.[born 14th June 1916].   £400.     820314362J

see Charles and Helen Cribb 1979.


Iris Doreen Cribb of 14, Cilhaul Terrace, Mountain Ash, Mid Glamorgan.

Died 05/07/1982.[born 19th February 1925].    £25000.     823405858G


Mabel Cribb of 82, Plymouth Road, Scunthorpe.

Died 12/12/1981.[born 27th December 1907].    £8388.    823902316X


Reginald Cribb of ‘Thanet Cottage’, Tilsworth, Leighton Buzzard, Beds.

Died 09/03/1982.[born 8th March 1910].    £25000(not exceeding)    820208754V


Catherine Cribben/Cribbens of St. Andrews Hospital, Northampton.

Died 11/12/1982.[born 15th December 1913].     £25000(not exceeding)  821205746F


George William Cribben of ‘RayField’ 335, Lunsford Lane, Larkfield, Maidstone.

Died 23/10/1982.[born 20th December 1904].    £27000.    820606083W


Margaret Evelyn Phyllis Kate Cribbes of 27, Turner Place, Holmer green, Bucks.

Died 14/06/1982.[born 28TH June 1910].   £25000(not exceeding)  822807822W


Isabella Robina Cribbin of 42, greenside Crescent, Denton burn, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Died 15/12/1981.[born 17th August 1920].   £25000(not exceeding)   822200954D


George William Cribbs of 45, Tasburgh Street, Grimsby.

Died 08/03/1982.[born 4th May 1904].   £25000(not exceeding)   823901042L


Robert Douglas Cribley of 47, Main Street, Orton on the Hill, Hinkley, Leicester.

Died 17/02/1982.[born 13th July 1953].   £25000(not exceeding)    820306567A


Lillian Alice Cribbs of 72, Marine Avenue, Whitby Bay, Tyne and Wear.

Died 11/11/1982.[born 19th July 1904].   £25000(not exceeding)    822208720P



Ellen Jane Cribb of 82, Beatrice Street, Bootle.

Died 02/12/1892.[born 14th June 1894].   £25000(not exceeding)    831604617N


Ernest Hatfield Cribb of 12, Easedale Close, Styvechale, Coventry.

Died 17/06/1983.[born 23th May 1897].     £57956   834505326D


Mary Isabel Cribb of 7, Willis Road, Erith, Kent.

Died 03/12/1982.[born 24th July 1920].   £25000(not exceeding)   830203267G


May Lillian Cribb of 15, George Street, Sherbourne, Dorset.

Died 27/08/1983.[born 16th December 1902].   £40000(not exceeding)    830408920B


Stanley Cribb of 82. Ledger Lane, Oitwood, Wakeford.

Died 16/05/1983.[born 26th May 1898].  £25000(not exceeding)   831308367L


Teslin Cribb of 31, High Street, Barrington, Cambridge.

Died 15/11/1983.[born 3rd June 1903].  £30728.    831205521G


Alexander Cribbs of 102, Warwick Street, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Died 27/03/1983.[born 15th July 1909].  £25000(not exceeding)   832203121C


Mavis Violet Cribbs of 1, Hull Cut, Brightlingsea, Essex.

Died 26/04/1983.[born 15th March 1908].  £25000(not exceeding)   831009852P


Sarah Ann Cribbin of 182, Victoria Avenue, Higher Blackley, Manchester.

Died 29/08/1983.[born 6th December 1912].  £40000(not exceeding)   832114489L


Arthur Cribley of 4, Chalfont Avenue, North End, Mablethorpe, Linc’s.

Died 07/08/1983.[born 23rd June 1906].   £28312.    833902503X




Alfred Cribb of 15, Bramley Avenue, Grange Farm Estate Office, Upper Haliford Road,

Shepperton, Middlesex.

Died 18/12/1983.[born 18th April 1916].  £40000(not exceeding)    8451701421U


Ellen Elizabeth Cribb of 25, Trapfield Close, Bearstead, Maidstone.

Died 21/07/1984.[born 4th September 1912].   £8936.     8481105044Z


Henry John Cribb of 56, Maiden Castle, Blackthorn, Northampton.

Died 14/04/1984.[born 14th February 1943]  £40000(not exceeding)    8452008440K


Joseph William Cribb of 7, Firhill road, Catford, London, SE6.

Died 15/11/1983.[born 16th May 1912].   £40000(not exceeding)    8481100687N


Arthur Cribben of 32, Nelson Street, Deal.

Died 12/02/1984.[born 9th June 1905].    £40000(not exceeding)    8481102169R


Agnes Alice Cribbes of 118, Granville Street, Grimsby.

Died 02/03/1984.[born 17th July 1895].   £40000(not exceeding)    8481000797U


Anthony Campbell Cribbes of 1, Oakham Road, Somerby, Leicester.

Died 24/09/1983.[born 14th April 1933].  £40000(not exceeding)      8480903734Q



Charles James Cribb of 15, Betterton Close, Fairford, Gloucestershire.

Died 31/05/1985.[born 27th February 1899]. £40000(not exceeding)    8551405242E


Fred Cribb of 4, Shakespeare Road, Gillingham, Kent.

Died 23/03/1983.[born 9th October 1898].   £73292.   85511022381Q


Joseph Henry of 82, Beatrice Street, Bottle. Died 25/01/1985.[born 15th May 1898]

£40000(not exceeding)  8551702473Y


Ronald Duncan Cribb of ‘The Mansion’, Grey Southern, Cockermouth, Cumbria.

Died 18/02/1985.[born 8th March 1908]  £40000(not exceeding)   8552002479A


Emily Alice Cribbens of 68 Upper Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

Died 06/10/19855.[born 27th September 1902]  Not exceeding £40000  8581105286Z



Florence Jane Cribb of ‘Grosvenor House’, 7, Grosvenor Road, Weymouth, Dorset.

Died 27/12/1985.[born 28th June 1900]  Not exceeding £40000  8652402307C


Lilion May Cribb of Chillon Main Street Offenham, Worc’s.

Died 11/10/1986.[born 16th February 1909]   £50792   8651214638B


Robert James Preston Cribb of Ellesmere Drigg, Cumbria.

Died 25/01/1986.[born 1st April 1927] Not exceeding £40000  8652001914F


Marjorie Page Cribb of 63, Hainton Road, Grimsby.

Died 16/02/1986.[born 9th January 1922]  Not exceeding £40000  8681000646E


David Alfred Cribbes of 27 Turners Place, Holmer Green, Bucks.

Died 07/09/1986.[born 20th February 1931] Not exceeding £40000  8652209066G


Horace James Cribbett of 128A Ramuz Drive, Westcliffe on Sea, Essex.

Died 14/03/1986.[born 21st May 1907] £45205   8652408317G


Robert Cecil Cribbin of 19, Kennet Close, Gossops Green, Crawley.

Deid 28/02/1986.[born 7th February 1907] Not exceeding £40000   8651307521H



Doris Rosamond Cribb of 35B Pelham Road, Lindfield, West Sussex.

Died 25/09/1986.[born 22nd April 1903] Not exceeding £40000   8751100355P


Dorothy Hannah Cribb of 2 Pickforde Lane, Ticehurst, East Sussex.

Died 26/07/1987.[born 11th July 1897] Not exceeding £70000   8751313509L


Ethel Joan Cribb of 60 Pond Meadow, Park Barn Estate, Guilford, Surrey.

Died 10/09/1987.[born 1st March 1926] Not exceeding £70000  


George John Cribb of 25, Trapfield Close, Bearstead, Maidstone, Kent.

Died 19/09/1986.[born 29th August 1915] £110432  8781122256U


John Humphrey Cribb of Old Orchard, Brookside Close, Rugby.

Died 15/06/1987.   £21449   8780903708W


John Reuben Cribb of 1, Briar Close Larkfield, Maidstone, Kent.

Died 19/0/1987.[born 2nd June 1910]  £48330   871102051J


Joseph James Cribb of Trevor Road, Liverpool.

Died 04/03/1987.[born 14th November 1908] Not exceeding £40000   8751707253Y



Dilys Tudor Cribb of Inzievar, The Banks, Seascale, Cumbria.

Died 10/10/1988.[born 4th August 1899] Not exceeding £70000  8851315888K


Grace Miriam of 14, Cormer Walk, Hastings, East Sussex.

Died 24/09/1988.[born 26th January 1909] Not exceeding £70000  


Hilda Winifred Cribb of Brook House, Lambeth Road, Eastwood, Leigh on Sea.

Died 05/11/1987.[born 20th March 1899]  Not Exceeding £70000  8851500221N


Lauren Cribb of 10, Bishops Walk, Llandaff.

Died 03/09/1988.[born 15th November 1897] Not Exceeding £70000   8851805344Z


Lillian Louisa May Cribb of 94, San Diego Road, Gosport, Hampshire.

Died 03/05/1988.[born 13th January 1891]. Not exceeding £70000   8852411398N


Peter Cribb of Bradley Road, Litherland, Liverpool.

Died 07/04/1988.[born 21st October 1920]  Not exceeding £70000   8851706996C


Violet Mary Cribb of Ben Rhydding Nursing Home, 22 Margersion Road, Ilkley,

West Yorkshire. Died 18/01/1988.[born 3rd March 1903] Not exceeding £70000  



Florence Mary Cribbis of Renshaw Road, Sheffield.

Died 02/02/1988.[born 3rd January 1910] Not exceeding £70000   8881601667M



Gladys Cribb of 22, Avenue Road, Wimborne, Dorest.

Died 28/04/1989.[born 13th June 1913] Not exceeding £70000   8952412184R


Harold Cribb of  39, Dorchester Road, Oakdale, Poole, Dorset.

Died 01/12/1989.[born 12th July 1912]  £116409   8952401557M


Henry Malcolm Cribb of 1 Dammersey Close, Markygate, St. Albans.

Died 30/09/1988.[born 7th November 1907]  £107673   8951300291W


Herbert George Joseph Cribb of 60, Pond Meadow Park Barn, Guildford, Surrey.

Died 15/12/1988.[born 2nd March 1913]   8952402120B


Lillian Cribb of Woodside Elderly peoples home, Bathwick Hill, Bath.

Died 05/10/1989.[born 14th June 1909]  £45595    8951408428J


May Cribb of 3, Morningside, High Street, Partridge Green, Horsham, West Sussex.

Died 12/04/1989.[born 13th July 1899]  Not Exceeding £115000  8951306096K


Stanley Roy Cribb of 48, Oval Gardens, Gosport, Hampshire.

Died 13/01/1989.[born 11th May 1905]  £78434   8952410472A


Thomas Henry or Thomas Cribb of 117, Bell Lane, Hendon.

Died 21/07/1988.[born 28th September 1901]  Not Exceeding £70000  8952200380K


Phyllis Madeline Cribbett of 95, Tenterden Drive, Canterbury. Kent.

Died 20/07/1989.[born 19th August 1911] Not Exceeding £100000  895131829H



Alice Cribb of 19, Mackrells Terrace, Newton Abbot, Devon.

Died 18/06/1990.[born 23rd September 1912] Not Exceeding £115000  9080602632F


George Charles Cribb of 247, Roberts Street, Grimsby.

Died 27/11/1989.[born 26th May 1933] Not Exceeding £100000   9051601931J


Leslie Charles Cribb of 24, Higher Drive, Dawlish, Devon.

Died 29/06/1990.[born 2nd August 1909]  Not Exceeding £115000  90514082852Z


Madge Cribb of 48, Philip Grove, Cleethorpes, South Humber.

Died 29/01/1990.[born 27th February 1920] Not Exceeding £100000  908100161K


William James Cribb of 35, Moy Avenue, Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Died 11/01/1990.[born  $th November 1908]  £95726   9051304838B


David Cambell Cribbes of 4, Firdale, Somerby, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

Died 13/03/1990.[born 20th September 1909]  Not Exceeding £100000    9051906701J


Mary Helen Cribbes of 50a, Southsea Terrace, Southsea, Hampshire.

Died 17/12/1989.[born 1st May 1907]  Not Exceeding £100000    9052408648H


John Roger Cribbett of 69, Ilsham Road, Wellwood, Torquay.

Died 22/05/1990.[born 4th September 1950] Not Exceeding £115000    9080603737U


Walter Edwin John Cribbett of ‘Connors house’, Craddock Raod, Canterbury, Kent.

Died 18/12/1989.[born 15th May 1914] Not Exceeding £100000   9051303398T


Ethel Cribbin of 67, Waraick Street, Prestwich, Manchester.

Died  08/12/19989.[born 31st October 1910] Not Exceeding £100000    90519218607Y


John Cribbin of 28, Clarence Road, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire.

Died 20/12/1989.[born 13th March 1921] Not Exceeding £100000    9051900366Z



Edith Carrie Cribb of 1, Moore Villas, Castle Cary, Somerset.

Died 23/10/1991.[born 26th September 1922] Not Exceeding £125000   9151410625F


Edna Eva Cribb of ‘Willow Tree Lodge’ 87, Penn Hill Avenue, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset.

Died 11/11/1990.[born 28th April 1921] Not Exceeding £115000    9152403090H


Elsie Cribb of 10, Selwyn Close, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton.

Died 25/12/1990.[born 2th January 1921] Not Exceeding £115000   9151201774V


George Leslie Cribb of 15, Kings Road, South Norwood, Surrey, London.

Died  10/02/1988.[born 3rd May 1910] Not Exceeding £70000  9152413700V


Nicholas/Nicolas Llanwarne of High Barn, Drinkstone, Bury St. Edmonds.

Died 06/10/1990.[born 3rd July 1912]  £56036  9181301462U


Elsie Cribbes of ‘Summerfield Court,’ Britannia Road, Morley, Leeds.

Died 02/08/1991.[born 16th October 1894]  Not Exceeding £125000    9151610558N


Joyce May Cribbett of 69, Ilsham Road, Wellwood, Torquay.

Died 12/07/1991.[born 13th June 1919] Not Exceeding £125000    


Laurence Cribbin of 2a, Guildford Road, Salford.

Died 30/05/1991.[born 4th March 1929]  Not Exceeding £125000     9180609138H



Constance May Cribb of  14, Tranfield Close, Guiseley, Leeds.

Died 19/12/1991.[born  3rd May 1908]  Not Exceeding £125000     9251602852X


Jeanesta Elizabeth Cribb of ‘Leinster Lodge,’ 42, Putney Hill, Putney, London.

Died 28/06/1992.[born 23rd May 1892] Not Exceeding £125000     9251535057N


Kathleen Lucy Cribb of 1, Douglas Drive, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

Died 26/12/1991.[born 19th March 1919] £138318    9251114435G


Margaret Cribb of 60, Duffryn Street, Mountain Ash, Mid Glamorgan.

Died 10/05/1992.  Not Exceeding £125000     9251804668M


Rewa Annie Cribb of 22, Sailsbury Road, Feltham, Middlesex.

Died 18/03/1992.[born 18th June 1919] Not Exceeding £125000     9251112060G


Walter Roland Cribb of 9, Torrington Street, Grimsby.

Died 05/03/1992.[born 5th March 1908] Not Exceeding £125000     9251606082Z


William John Cribb of 11, Woodhall Crescent,  Hornchurch, Essex.

Died 01/11/1991.[born 5th September 1891] Not Exceeding £125000     9251500409R


Maureen Anne Cribben of 24, Osborne Court, Osborne Road, Windsor, Bucks.

Died 27/04/1992.[born 15th November 1915] Not Exceeding £125000     9252207822Z


Charles Edward Cribbens / Cribbins of 18, Hawkins Road, Padstow. Cornwall.

Died 29/04/1992.[born 24th January 1918] Not Exceeding £125000     9280205905F


Rose Elizabeth Cribbens / Cribbins of 22, Alan Road, Padstow, Cornwall.

Died 19/12/1992.[born 3rd February 1916] Not Exceeding £125000     9280205906A


Dorothy May Cribbin of Blaendyffryn Hall Nursing Home, Horel Llandysil, Dyfed.

Died 15/02/1992.[born 17th September 1910] Not Exceeding £125000     9280402424Q


Florence May Cribdon of 344, Walsgrave Raod, Coventry.

Died 25/02/1992.[born 31st July 1907] Not Exceeding £125000     9280904843R



 Beriendina Christina Cribb of 9, Torrington Street, Grimsby.

Died 09/03/1993.[born 5th June 1906].


Mary Ann Faithfull Cribb of Yew Tree Lodge Residential Home, Stoke Road, Hoo.

Died 25/05/1993.[born 18TH February 1901].


Kitty Ethel Cribb of 39, Dorchester Road, Oakdene, Poole, Dorset.

Died 2/08/1993.[born 19th July 1914].


Peter William Cribb of 22, Salisbury Road, Feltham, Middlesex.

Died 31/10/1993.[born 11th August 1920].



 Edmund Thomas Cribb of Bryngals, Lampeter, Velfrey Narbeth, Dyfed.

Died 28/10/1994.[born 30th September 1909].



 Kenneth Hatfield Cribb of 2, Marden Road, keynsham, Bristol.

Died 10/02/1995.[born 6th June 1931].


Louise Cribb of 12, Easedale Close, Coventry, west Midlands.

Died 05/05/1995.[born 2nd November 1904].


Fanny Cribb of 23, Queens Court, Cambridge Road, Grimsby, South Humberside.

Died 09/09/1995.[born 4th November 1912].


Hilda Houghton Cribb of Thanet Cottages. 1, Dickens Lane, Tilsworth, Leighton Buzzard, Beds.

Died 26/21/1995.[born 14th May 1921].



Nigel Paul Cribb of  Kyber Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset.

Died 13/02/1996.[born 6th May 1956].


Phyllis Lillian Cribb of Hazelwood House, Landscore Road, Teignmouth, Devon.

Died 27/04/1996.[born 10th January 1905].



Norah Mary Cribb of Argyles Nursing Home, Pound Street, Newbury, Berkshire.

Died 03/05/1997.[born 16th June 1918].


Grace Margaret Cribb of Swinton Hall Nursing Home, 188 Worsley Road, Awinton, Manchester.

Died 22/02/1997.[born 19th June 1913].



John Leslie Cribb of 223 Long Road, Canvey Island, Essex.

Died 06/03/1998.[born 26th March 1965].


Mary Faith Cribb of 13a seascale Walk, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Died 12/03/1998.[born 25th August 1915].


Beatrix Helen Cribb of  Keyham House, Henstridge, Somerset.

Died 30/04/1998.[born 7th June 1907].


Stephen James Cribb of 1, Maple Terrace, Abercwmboi, Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon, Taff

Died 06/06/1998.[born 29th October 1948].


John Edwin Cribb of 14, Allendale Crescent, Stakeford, Northumberland.

Died 07/07/1998.[born 16th February 1921].


Erskine Hatfield Cribb of 180, Westmorland Avenue, Luton, Bedfordshire.

Died 20/10/1998.[born 13th May 1923].


William James Cribb of 28, Craydene Road, Slade Green, Erith, Kent.

Died 04/11/1998.[born 3rd July 1926].


Thomas Arthur Cribb of Bridgewater Park Nursing Home, Bridgewater Road, Scunthorpe,

North Lincolnshire,

Died 12/12/1998.[born 8th October 1906].  To Thomas Peter Cribb.


Helen Cribb of 117, Bell Lane, Hendon, London, NW4.

Died 28/12/1998.[born 1st September 1926].



Jonathan  Peter Cribb of 13, Broad Lane, Haslingfield, Cambridge.

Died 24/05/1999.[born 18th July 1954]. To Kevin Peter Cribb.


Irene Sybil Minnie Cribb of Flat 12, Sydenham House, Black Bay Road, Exeter, Devon.

Died 13/08/1999.[born 3rd October 1909].


Lionel Harold Cribb of 44, Lower Drive, Henty Avenue, Dawlish, Devon.

Died 09/09/1999.[born 9th June 1915].   To Marian Beatrice Cribb.


Wilma Dora Anna Louisa Cribb of 12, Hillview Gardens, Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex.

Died 11/10/1999.[born 18th December 1921].  To Dennis Robert Cribb.


Leonard Alfred Cribb of Borenwood Nursing Home, Cardinal Avenue, Borenwood, Hertfordshire.

Died 07/11/1999.[born 26th October 1921].



Eleanor Cribb of 182, Tamarisk Road, Ockendon, Essex.

Died 23/02/2000.[born 17th October 1905].


Marion Louise Cribb of Pinfold Lodge, Drigg Holmrock, Cumbria.

Died 17/04/2000.[born 26th November 1925].


Jean Cribb of 65, Ennerdale Drive, Litherhand, Liverpool.

Died 23/04/2000.[born 9th April 1920].  To Brian and Alan Cribb.


Joan Frances Cribb of 58, Lucas Drive, Snodland, kent.

Died 09/06/2000.[born 8th August 1924].  To Robert John Cribb.


Graham Thame Stanley Cribb of 11, Holmlea Road, Goring on Thames, Reading, Berkshire.

Died 01/11/2000.[born 7th November 1924].   To Stella Rosemary Cribb.